July - 7 - 2012

Demolition Companies in Bristol & Bath


Contact 078 660 430 59 and ask for Ryan Christopher our Senior Estimator or Ryan@southwalesdemolition.co.uk

South Wales Demolition Ltd, with   of demolition experience are the experts choice for choosing a skilled demolition contractor in Bristol and the South West areas.

Operating a range of equipment from small scale demolition excavators to large 45 ton Volvo machinery .  

South Wales Demolition Ltd, also operate in Swindon, Bath and Bristol offering the following services:

Call 078 660 430 59 today and ask for Ryan, who can quickly cost any demolition or dismantling contract often within a short amount of time.

  • Site Clearance and Factory demolition in the Bristol district, as well as the full range of dismantling services.

  • Domestic Demolition Bristol
  • House Demolition and Bungalow removal in Bristol area
  • We operate a full demolition service spanning the whole of the South West. We specialise in commercial steel demolition and offer these services in Bath and Swindon as well as Bristol
  • Steel Cutting
  • Small Demolition contracts, garages, extensions and houses. We offer the best rates in Bristol.
  • Garage Removal in Bristol
  • Shed / Green House removal
  • Large scale demolition, of warehouses, storage facilities, steel works, former industrial sites and all manner of commercial buildings and structures.
  • House Demolishers Bristol, Bath and Swindon

  • House Removal Bristol


 Site Clearance Contractors Bristol & Swindon

Over the years South Wales Demolition ltd has constructed a strong reputation and relationship with its clients for providing a first class site clearance service.

In Bristol we have a range of excellent equipment and the man power to undertake the largest of site clearance contracts. In the past we have demolished vast aches of commercial structures and have worked for some high-profile companies who have trusted us to aid in the re-development of their sites.


Quickly and efficiently we undertake site clearance contracts in Bristol, Contact Ryan today on 078 660 430 59 to obtain a quote in a short space of time. Or alternatively contact Ryan@southwalesdemolition.co.uk

 Domestic Demolition Houses, Bungalows in Bristol

We South Wales Demolition Ltd are experts in demolishing and removing any form of domestic building or structure. We are competitively priced on removing houses, in Bristol as well as the very small forms of demolition such as green houses, garages, or even Garden walls.

Call Ryan 078 660430 59 today to discuss your next demolition or dismantling contract in the Bristol region.

Factory Demolition Bristol

We have taken down some large and complicated factory structures in the past, this now equips us with the working knowledge and equipment to save you money

Contact  078 660 430 59 or Ryan@southwalesdemolition.co.uk for more information.

We carry out factory strip out and gutting work as well as demolishing redundant structures in Bristol at the best rates.

 .  We can negotiate on some steel contracts to demolish the structure at a low cost or to even in certain instances demolish steel buildings for free if the structure is the right form.

Factory and Warehouse demolition specialists. We offer our services across the city of Bristol.


  • Low Cost Demolition contractors Bristol

  • Small demolition firms Bristol

  • House demolition

  • Demolishing a house in Bristol

  • Steel recycling Bristol

  • Steel removal Bristol


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