What type of buildings do you demolish within the city of Cardiff?

We are a highly experienced demolition company. We have been demolishing a wide range of different buildings for over 30 years now. This could range from demolishing, let’s say, a fire-damaged steel factory, right through to demolishing a large 5-bedroom house in Cyncoed area of Cardiff.

Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to write a whole article explaining the different types of buildings we can demolish.


Large factories

All over South Wales, there is a large number of factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, like shops which need demolishing by our team of Cardiff demolition experts.

Sometimes, these might be Victorian factories, so they are made from bricks and stone, with wooden A-frame to make the roof.

More modern factories often use a steel frame- therefore they will need a powerful excavator, such as a huge 50 ton Hitachi excavator, with a steel shear, to cut through the steel RSJ’s and angle iron, like a hot knife cuts through butter. If these buildings need to be demolished, we can use a wide range of different excavators, ranging from high-reach excavators, to much smaller 10-ton excavators fitted with a demolition attachment called rotor grab, which can pick up the steel quickly.


Commercial buildings- we can demolish any type of commercial building

Sometimes, when a new company takes over the lease of a commercial building, such as a large warehouse say in Cardiff Docks, they need the racking and the internal buildings to be demolished. This is so they can make the building ready for when they will rent the factory. We can therefore bring in a small excavator, or many of these, such as using Kubota diggers, which can take down the internal racking, we can also demolish internal buildings.

For example, there might be a staff canteen area, made using breeze blocks, that needs to be demolished via a demolition excavator, so that the warehouse is just brought back to the four outer walls. We can complete this work for you.

Residential demolition

Because Cardiff is a capital city, it’s very built-up area, which has many houses, apartments, and garages. We can demolish any residential building; for example, you might want a three-bedroom home to be demolished, so that you can make way for a brand-new house that might have over seven bedrooms.


Demolition and Crushing

Sometimes, a commercial building, such as a warehouse or a factory, must be crushed using say an Extec crusher, these are fantastic crushers. This means that the giant jaw crusher needs to be brought onto the demolition site, and then the stone aggregates, such as the stone, the brick, and the breeze blocks, need to be fed into the crusher and made into hardcore.

We can, therefore, demolish any building and crush it for you.


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