Demolition Services Cardiff

Residential Demolition

We can demolish any types of residential building. We can therefore demolish bungalows, houses, garages.

Commercial demolition

We can demolish any type of industrial, as well as any type of commercial building. This can range from a car showrooms, through to a large chimney stack that may need demolishing.

Industrial demolition

We can demolish any type of industrial structure, whether it be a factory, a chimney or perhaps machinery within a building which needs to be dismantled.

Factory Demolition / Site Clearance

Whether it be a  warehouse, or a large factory, that used to mass produce products- we can offer to demolish any type of commercial building.

Commercial buildings, such as factories and warehouses, are often constructed using a steel frame. An excavator, complete with a powerful shear is needed, to cut through the steel.

The steel RSJ’s can then be recycled.

We demolish factories and also warehouses right throughout South Wales as well as Bristol.

Which areas does our demolition company cover?


We cover the whole of South Wales; the vast majority of our demolition contracts are within the city of Cardiff.

We also demolish all types of buildings throughout Bristol as well. If you have a commercial, industrial or a residential building which needs demolishing anywhere within the South-West of England, then why not call us?

  • Steel Recycling / Steel Demolition

    If you have a building that is mostly made of steel, then we can offer you a very competitive price to demolish that building. We can safely dismantle any size steel building.

  • Metal Recycling

    If you have a building which is mostly constructed using metal, then we are the demolition contractors to call. With specialist demolition excavators, and some of the most highly experienced demolition management in South Wales, why not call us today for a free quote?

  • Industrial Demolition

    Sometimes, a company needs a redundant piece of machinery removed from within or outside of a building. For example, a large steel water tank, night need to be demolished via our demolition excavators. We can safely dismantle any type of building or machinery, and we can take all of the waste, whether it be concrete, brick or steel and send it for recycling.

Experienced site management

Whether it’s single house that’s being demolished, or perhaps a large factory spanning many aches , it’s important that on-site manging the demolition are highly experienced demolition managers, to make sure that the building is demolished safely.

We have some of the most experienced managers in the United Kingdom, some have over 40 years experience.

Demolition Companies within Cardiff

We are an established business, plus we also have very highly experienced managers this is often why we are hired to carry out demolition contracts in Cardiff. Some of our managers have well over 40 years experience working within the demolition industry, so they have demolished a considerable number of buildings, ranging from factories, through to houses.

Safety is our main priority, and by having highly experienced management, which means that we are capable of demolishing any type of building safely.

Industrial and commercial demolition

Our company specialises in demolishing commercial and industrial buildings. We have demolition excavators, which are capable of demolishing any type of  commercial building. Our excavator’s range 10 ton upwards, and we can demolish buildings whether they are made of concrete, brick or perhaps steel.

Demolition Companies within Cardiff, South Wales

If you would like a free and no obligation quote, then why not call us today?