About Us

Over 40 years’ demolition experience

We have site managers that have over 40 years’ experience working in the demolition industry. Our management have experience demolishing industrial, commercial and also residential buildings.

South Wales and The South West

Our demolition company, covers the whole of South Wales, as well as also the whole of the South West of England.

Steel Demolition

Our demolition company specialises in commercial demolition and steel demolition. We can dismantle any machinery and buildings which are made from steel.

Highly Experienced Management

Our business has some of the most highly experienced site managers within the country. We have management that have over 40 years’ experience working within the demolition industry. Throughout their careers they have demolished many industrial buildings, commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

We also can offer free estimates to demolish buildings throughout South Wales and also the South West.

Industrial Demolition

We travel all over South Wales and also the South-West of England demolishing industrial buildings, such as factories and also warehouses. Some buildings will be steel framed, this means that quite often 100% of the building can be recycled.

We can recycle all types of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), and we offer some of the best prices steel demolition, or nonferrous metal demolition.

Why choose us for your commercial and industrial demolition? 

We are often chosen to demolish residential and commercial structures simply because we have some of the most highly experienced site managers in the whole of the country (U.K). With over 40 years’ experience. We therefore ensure that every demolition contract is carried out safely as well as efficiently.

We have demolition equipment that is capable to safely dismantle non-ferrous and ferrous metal buildings and machinery. We travel the whole of the South West of England as well as throughout South Wales, demolishing commercial and industrial buildings.

So, whether to steel framed warehouse, or perhaps it’s stainless-steel food manufacturing equipment, we can dismantle it and take it for recycling.


  • Steel Demolition

    We can demolish steel factories, steel warehouses as well as steel framed retail units.

  • Machinery Removal

    We can remove old machinery within factories and take for recycling.

  • Metal recycling

    We can dismantle / demolish any type of steel structure, and send it so it is recycled.

  • Industrial Demolition

    We can demolish any type of industrial structure within South Wales all The South-West.

Demolition and Site Clearance

We can demolish all types of commercial buildings; we also demolish residential buildings. We can write detailed method statements and risk assessments as well. We have some of the most highly experienced demolition management within the U.K working for us.

We can offer free estimates, and we travel throughout South Wales and the South West carrying out demolition contracts of all sizes.

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