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Re: Certain Steel structures demolished for free, all over Wales!
Re: Average proportioned domestic properties demolished from £3,700!
Re: Come to us for the best rates in demolition, Backed-up by experienced professionals with knowledge accrued since 1978!
Re: Free Quotations in person by our experienced estimator Ryan Christopher
Re: Low cost demolition solutions offered in Cardiff, if you choose to crush aggregates too site!

Call our Experienced Estimator Ryan now on 078 660 430 59 or (Demolition Enquiries and Emergency Response demolition ENQUIRIES ONLY!

Welcome to the Home of “South Wales Demolition Ltd”

We have a long history of demolishing buildings in Cardiff efficiently and at a low cost.

Take for example Cardiff Bay, our experienced members demolished countless, factories, commercial premises and warehouses during the regeneration works. From being awarded such prestigious contracts we have earned a solid reputation for safe and efficient demolition in Cardiff, on a large scale. From the early Eighties up until now we have perfected our proposition of “affordable and rapid demolition without compromising on safety”

Each year we tackle a wide range of different demolition projects, such as demolishing countless houses in Cardiff as well commercial demolition, such as the structures formally on the “Days Rental” site in Hadfield Road, Cardiff. Demolition requires skill and careful planning backed up by experienced personnel who execute our contracts; At South Wales Demolition we have that experience and client base to support our claims.
We carry out the following demolition and dismantling services throughout Cardiff, and all of the surrounding areas.
“South Wales Demolition Ltd” offers Extensive demolition services in Cardiff. Demolition services and dismantling service offered on every form of structure from, sheds to high rise buildings, we tackle them all! Get in touch with Ryan on 07866043059 today.
Demolition of Commercial premises in Cardiff at low rates!
We demolish “certain” steel buildings in Cardiff for free!

Site Clearance and ground works in Cardiff,

Factory strip-outs in Cardiff, and demolition of all types of industrial buildings.

“Free Demolition Quotations”, in Cardiff by experienced personnel!