Commercial Demolition


Here at South Wales Demolition Ltd, we have experience of demolishing a wide range of buildings within Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. The buildings that we have demolished range from large steel framed car showrooms, through to demolishing residential houses.

Steel / Metal demolition (Non-ferrous and Ferrous metals)

Whether the building is a warehouse located in Swansea, or whether it’s in Newport or Cardiff- we can offer you a free quote to demolish any type of commercial or residential building. We have demolition managers that can manage your demolition contract from start to finish that have over 40 years’ experience in the demolition industry.


We have the demolition excavators ranging from 7.5 ton up to 30 ton to which can demolish any type of commercial building such as a factory. Perhaps, you just need the inside of our warehouse cleared- such as the steel racking removed that sent for recycling? Or perhaps old machinery or structure, that’s heavily rusted and now needs to be dismantled?  Or perhaps your business requires some concrete to be broken- well we are the company to call.

We are an established demolition company here in South Wales

We have experience of demolishing many commercial, industrial and also many residential buildings throughout Wales.

We have demolished every single type of building, whether it be a commercial building such as a industrial unit, a residential building or industrial building. We also take of small demolition contracts, such as just taking down a chimney, out building, or perhaps removing steel racking.

We specialise in steel demolition, that is either removing non-ferrous or ferrous metals internally within the building. Alternatively, we could demolish the whole building as well.

We can demolish any type of building, for a free quote why not call us?

Demolition Cardiff

The vast majority of our demolition contracts that we undertake every single year is within the city of Cardiff, in South Wales. We have a strong reputation, will demolishing buildings safely, and also offering competitive prices.

Whether it be a single house or bungalow that needs demolishing or perhaps there’s a huge steel warehouse that needs demolishing within Cardiff, we are the company to call.

Steel demolition

Perhaps you require the whole building and the foundations to be demolished? Or perhaps there’s a just a single piece of machinery, such as say a printing press within a building removed and taken for recycling?

We are the company to call, from demolishing light industrial units made of steel, through to fully removing everything within a retail unit such as internal floors, racking or suspended ceilings- and getting the building back to a shell, ready for a new occupant.  We can demolish any type of building, and also offer internal demolition of for any type of building.


  • Commercial / Industrial demolition contractors

    We have management here at South Wales Demolition Limited, the have demolished a wide range of different commercial / industrial buildings over the last 40 years. Ranging from large car showrooms, through to fire-damaged warehouses, as well as other steel buildings that need demolishing and recycled. We specialise in demolishing / dismantling steel buildings.

  • Competitive prices

    Whether it’s a steel building, that needs dismantling and demolishing, or perhaps it’s large piece of machinery that you want removed, we can offer you a competitive price on demolition and at our site clearance services.

  • Metal recycling

    If you have a building, such as a factory or redundant machinery, which needs to be dismantled and recycled then why not call one of the team today? We offer very competitive prices, for dismantling and recycling steel, we can recycle both non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

Demolition Services

We are one of the most experienced demolition companies based here within South Wales-with experience of demolishing many different type of buildings, whether they be commercial or residential.

Site Clearance

Therefore whether you need steel racking removed from a retail units, to make way for a new tenant, or you need concrete broken out, or perhaps you need a whole warehouse demolished, we have the excavators and staff to safely demolish any type of building within South Wales.

With some of the most experienced demolition management working for us, we can demolish any type of building safely.