Demolition Contractors Swansea

South Wales Demolition Ltd, The professional’s choice in demolition since 1978.

Whether you have a garden wall or a 40 storey tower block to be demolished we have the capability to perform contracts on time, and below anticipated budgets.

We still offer to demolish a typical sized residential property for £3,700 and we also demolish certain steel structures for Free.

Advancements and investment in machinery allows us to tackle certain steel projects for free, anywhere in the UK.

We have the equipment, the man power and industry professionals on board to make your next project a success, and at a much lower cost.

We are a company that offers the full spectrum of demolition solutions. For instance, we offer the use of our mobile concrete crusher on certain sites; this will dramatically reduce the cost of demolition.

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Residential demolition in Swansea

Industrial demolition in Swansea

Commercial demolition in Swansea

High Reach Demolition in Swansea

Ultra High Reach Demolition in Swansea

Domestic demolition in Swansea

Steel Building Demolition in Swansea

Factory Demolition in Swansea

Warehouse Demolition in Swansea

Demolition Contractors Swindon

South Wales Demolition Ltd, offering a reliable demolition and dismantling service in Swindon.


We have demolition industry experience accrued since 1978, and each year we tackle a wide range of varying projects. From small scale residential properties right through to large industrial premises, we tackle them all.

We offer a free steel demolition service on certain structures in Swindon. Throughout the U.K we have demolished countless steel structures for free, saving our clients considerable sums of money.

We have a vast fleet of machinery, and experienced personnel ready to tackle the most demanding of contracts.

If you have a structure to be demolished in Swindon, of any size or type talk to the experts first.

Contact Ryan Christopher, our Senior Estimator on

Or alternatively 07866043059


Residential demolition in Swindon

Industrial demolition in Swindon

Commercial demolition in Swindon

High Reach Demolition in Swindon

Ultra High Reach Demolition in Swindon

Domestic demolition in Swindon

Steel Building Demolition In Swindon

Demolition Contractors London

South Wales Demolition, operating out of Cardiff offers its demolition expertise throughout the UK.


Established in the demolition industry since 1978, offering comprehensive demolition solutions.

From offering consultation on planning right through to leaving a clear site ready for re-development, we are the experts.

We carry out large and small scale contracts throughout the UK.

Our drive for efficiency gains and our value for money proposition on all forms of demolition will dramatically reduce your next demolition bill

We offer our services in the following areas

High and ultra high reach demolition service offered in London

Industrial demolition, in London

Commercial demolition in London

Residential demolition in London

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Demolition & Dismantling Contractors in Cardiff.

South Wales Demolition established in demolition sector since 1978.


Our reputation for being a safe and affordable contractor, was formed when we were appointed principal demolition contractor for the Cardiff Bay Regeneration Scheme.

Ever since undertaking that high profile contract we gone on to be a successful and established name in the demolition industry

We have never lost sight of offering our clients a strong value for money proposition. We can demolish certain steel buildings for free, and we continue to offer demolishing a typical residential sized home for £3700.00

We take on projects ranging from a garden shed to demolishing and decommissioning large industrial complex’s.  We have fulfilled every form of contract, and we do so safely, quickly and industry leading rates.

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We can often provide quotes within 48 hours,

Any form of demolition, anywhere

Demolition Contractors in Cardiff

Demolition Contractors operating in Swansea

Demolition Contractors operating in Bristol

Demolition Contractors Serving London (Cardiff Based)

“SOUTH WALES DEMOLITION LTD -Showing, power, professionalism and setting the standard since 1978”


Completing Major and Minor scale demolition & dismantling contracts across Wales and UK.

Houses demolished on average for £3,700. Any form of contract considered, we will not be beaten on price, reduce your budgets today, and contact our senior estimator on We demolish certain steel structures for free.


Quick turnaround of quotes, often within 48 hours


South Wales Demolition Ltd, is a name synonymous with in-depth industry knowledge and one of strong capability.  From Heavy Industrial demolition to light residential, we have the equipment and the man-power to tackle any project with the precision required.

We were the principal demolition contractor for Cardiff Bay, Regeneration Programme. That project demonstrated and sent a clear message across the UK, that we had the equipment and knowledge to demolish many aches of complex industrial buildings quickly and show we can work rapidly and more importantly safely.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, and show genuine consideration to all stake holders. For example, neighbours of a demolition project is just one key stakeholder we consider on any project we undertake. .

We have a fleet of impressive machinery ready to tackle the most challenging of projects and environments.  Combined with sought after industry professionals who have stayed loyal to firm since its inception, we know we offer a strong value for money proposition.

We specialise in the following areas in Cardiff and anywhere else in the UK

  • Industrial demolition, No matter how complex we have a encountered all forms of redundant industrial structures
  • Commercial Demolition – Quickly and safely we have demolished countless commercial warehouses, units, shops, garages etc, certain steel structures demolished for free
  • Dismantling, – No matter the size or ingenuity that went into making a structure or machine, we can dispose of it quickly and in a cost effective manner
  • Site Clearance
  • Concrete Crushing
  • Ultra high reach demolition
  • High reach demolition
  • Residential demolition


South Wales Demolition Ltd, 3 generations of expertise offered at the lowest prices available in the industry today

For an informal and no-obligation talk about your next structure call Ryan Christopher on 07866043059


Please note, we do not employ any sales staff, instead we let our prices and strong industry presence do the talking.

Offering demolition and dismantling services, in London, Bristol, Cardiff, and anywhere else in the UK.