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Demolition Companies Cardiff


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. Site Clearance . House Demolition . Factory dismantling . Consultancy


Efficiency is what drives us, Efficiency means cost savings, and we pass these on in our rates. A senior estimator with over 10 years experience works for South Wales Demolition we look at many ways to save our Cardiff clients money on there demolition bill, we achieve this every time because we simply have staff that know the industry in side out and live and breath demolition.


“Displaying professionalism and dedication to high standards in demolition within Cardiff for over 25 years” –


“Demolishing the cost of Demolition in South Wales – Talk to our estimating team from Cardiff who will explain how a Director with over 35 years of knowledge can make a demolition site run like clock work.


“When it comes to experience – it is hard to beat South Wales Demolition Ltd, Directors with decades of experience offered at sensible rates”


Factories demolished at low , sensible rates, want to save money – then talk to Ryan our estimator today


Houses demolished from £3700.00


Garages Removed from £700.00



  1. Director with over 35 years of experience, when it comes down to working knowledge we are hard to beat – vast experience equals increased health and safety through tackling many different structures through the years.
  2. We have Director in place to guide our demolition activities with there years of knowledge of some the most difficult and large natured of structures in South Wales
  3. A respected and professional demolition firm in Cardiff that has been established to showcase best practice in the industry.



South Wales Demolition Ltd is a dismantling and demolition firm based in Cardiff, South Wales. The demolition company undertakes all work in the South Wales Region, which includes, factory demolition, House Dismantling and Site Clearance type contracts in Wales.



Demolition Cardiff

This impressive knowledge means we carry out works in South Wales safely and with a careful eye on everything we undertake. We are simply the professionals choice for demolition and dismantling within Cardiff and the surrounding areas such as Newport and Swansea regions.


A brief introduction into the work we undertake on a regular basis in Cardiff and Swansea


We offer:


  • Site clearance services, involving the demolishing of buildings such as former factories and large site clearance services, and also commercial demolition of structures such as garages and warehouses on a large or small scale we undertake them all
  • Garage Demolition
  • House Demolition and removal, including crushing and concrete crushing on site to reduce the demolition bill
  • Crushed Concrete and the Crushing of stone waste on site to make your demolition contract more green and reduce carbon emissions due to reducing the number of haulage vehicles hauling  stone waste off site
  • Site Clearance of warehouses and steel buildings, including the recycling of metal buildings involving cutting the structures into small pieces and recycling all of the steel waste and disposing of all steel structures within Cardiff but we also cover the South Wales Valleys and Swansea with a top quality demolition service which is backed up by many years experience.



House Demolition Cardiff


We demolish houses in Cardiff starting from £3700.00 we offer value for money  We have demolished many residential houses in Cardiff and we have taken down many of the regions bungalows and small domestic structures safely and within budgets in Cardiff. Demolition requires a great skill and eye for careful planning and consideration to the environment.


Site Clearance Contractors Cardiff


Demolition Company Cardiff


We demolish factories no matter how big or small the factory we will demolish it at a good, sensible rate for demolition. We also offer crushed concrete in Cardiff. Demolition services is also offered in Swansea and in the Newport areas so if you have a demolition contract coming up contact Ryan and discuss how we can begin to save you money.


Reclaimed Bricks Cardiff


We offer the sale of reclaimed Bricks. We sell many types of Brick and Stone in Cardiff. So if you are looking for a good deal on reclaimed Bricks in Swansea or Cardiff then contact South Wales Demolition today and we often have many types of bricks in stock as well as welsh stone and reclaimed wood.


We offer our reclaimed bricks at a sensible cost so contact Ryan without delay to secure your order of quality reclaimed welsh bricks in Cardiff today.


Demolition Contractors in Monmouthshire


We are demolition and concrete crushing company that offers its services to Monmouthshire. We demolish anything ranging from a single house to factories to massive demolition of warehouses and industrial buildings.


Demolition contractors Caerphilly


We are a demolition company that covers the region of Caerphilly, we offer demolition and site clearance services in Caerphilly. For many years now we have undertaken work in this area, we offer high levels of customer satisfaction   We have worked for some very big names in Caerphilly , they trust us to deliver what we state on time and within the agreed budgets. We always keep to our quotes and we have earned a good reputation for providing a quality service at the right cost.


Demolition contractors and companies in Merthyr Tydfil


For over 10 years we have offered site clearance and a quality demolition service throughout Merthyr Tydfil, in this area we have demolished and removed many factories. We are suited to this because of The commercial side of our business focuses on metal recycling and gaining metal waste from the demolition of warehouse and site clearance contracts undertaken in the region. We place health and safety as a number one mission on our demolition sites.


We have recently taken down a manufacturing building that was very large, it consisted of large steel clad sided building and allot of crushed concrete which is available for resale in Cardiff.

We offer concrete crushing and crushed concrete for sale in Cardiff.


Swansea Demolition Contractors and Dismantling Companies Swansea

Swansea Demolition Contractors



Demolition Companies Swansea


Contact Details:




“Turning demolition into a synchronised art form in Wales – Contact the demolition company who has a Director with over 30 years experience”  




. Knowledge                      . Safety                        . Value for Money


£ Houses in Swansea, Wales can be demolished “from” £3700.00

£ Best rates in Swansea for commercial demolition, we demolish factories and steel buildings at the lowest costs in Swansea.



South Wales Demolition offers its full range of services and demolition skills to Swansea. Within Swansea we can undertake, house or domestic demolition as well as the more commercial forms of demolition on structures such as dis-used factories, site clearance and the general demolition on industrial buildings.



South Wales Demolition contractors of Swansea can be contacted in the following ways.


They have a full time estimator, called Ryan who can be reached on 07866043059




Swansea Demolition, South Wales Demolition Contractors



We would state our main selling features of our demolition service are the following.


  1. We have a Director  who have been in the demolition industry for over 30 years. This means our director knowledge is second to none, they are called to some of the regions most demanding demolition contracts to consult on the best practice and safest demolition methods to de-construct some difficult structures in Swansea and in Wales as a whole.
  2. We can take on demolition ranging from £50.00 to £ 5 million , we have the skills,  and the knowledge to take on demolition and site clearance contracts in the Swansea region.
  3.  health and safety consultant, who evaluates each contract within Swansea, audits the sites risks and then reduces them risks do as far as possible making sure that our demolition sites are a safe place to work. This approach has meant that our clients trust us to work in built up and congested areas such as city centres.
  4. Value for money – we have always offered strong value for money to our customers , whether that be on demolishing a house or a factory in Swansea we offer some of the best and most reasonable rates around. To discuss please call 07866043059 today



House Demolition and Demolition contractors in Swansea


Within Swansea we have offered a professional demolition service for over 30 years. We take on demolition in small way as well as the large value contracts. We have demolished many commercial and domestic buildings.


We offer great value on demolishing houses in Swansea. We can  demolish a house starting from only £3700.00 !


Site Clearance contractors, and factory demolition in Swansea


In our  years of experience and vast knowledge gained in demolition within Swansea we have demolished the usual and the very un-usual. For instance we demolish small factory units but also get called in to demolish one-off structures in industrial areas and the dismantle factory machinery that will never be made again. What this has taught us how to safely take down some complicated structures and this experience then transcends into everything we do.


Factory demolition and steel recycling in Swansea


If you have a structure such as a commercial building then we want to hear from you. We can demolish such buildings at the lowest rates,  We tackle every year in Swansea commercial demolition and factory clearance contracts.  


Demolition Swansea


We offer the following demolition and site clearance services across Swansea and South Wales including the valleys.


We undertake demolition in the following forms.


  • House Removal and dismantling demolition service Swansea
  • Site Clearance
  • Concrete Crushing
  • Bungalow demolition
  • Office strip out
  • Factory strip out
  • industrial demolition
  • Factory demolition and warehouse dismantling
  • Strip out of factories  and commercial buildings in Swansea and in the united kingdom
  • Steel recycling and steel demolition


South Wales demolition and dismantling operate in the following areas within and surrounding areas we also cover and offer our demolition contracting services


  • We operate in
  • Demolition and site clearance in Rhondda Cynon Taf, within this area we offer the full range of site clearance and factory demolition including steel demolition and recycling. We offer demolition contracting services all over Rhondda Cynon Taff
  • Dismantling and demolition in Newport We are demolition contractors in Monmouthshire
  • We offer dismantling and factory and warehouse as well as retail demolition in Merthyr Tydfil
  • Dismantling, scrap removal and Demolition and factory clearance in Neath Port Talbot
  • Demolition and removal works within and around the area of Bridgend we offer our site services.
  • Neath Port Talbot Demolition Contractors and dismantling service

Demolition Companies in Cardiff

Demolition Contractors in Cardiff and South Wales.

07866043059 or




Demolition a costly business ? we allow our customers to take a different approach in Cardiff to there demolition,, without sacrificing on health and safety and quality of workmanship. We simply offer a demolition operation that is efficient and run by a Director who has over 30 years in the business. So we would argue demolition does not have to be a costly business, run by the right management who slim down year on year overheads, then you are looking at obtaining cost savings that are our main competitive advantage.


Talk to Ryan, years of knowledge in the industry, trained estimator and can travel to any contract at short notice. Contact Ryan today. 07866043059



You have reached the home of South Wales Demolition Ltd, a demolition contractor in Cardiff with over 30 years experience and knowledge in all forms of demolition.


Within Cardiff and Swansea we have a Estimator, who is available at any time to cost demolition contracts. Ryan can be reached on 07866043059 or


South Wales Demolition, would state their main selling points are




They have years of experience and have dismantled and demolished everything ranging from a small garage to large buildings in Cardiff such as factories and large warehouse type constructions.

2)      The company has the ability to demolish anything ranging in value from £100 pound to 10 million and over.

3)       . Demolition work can range from a single house right upto large site clearance contracts involving many machines and many skilled site operatives,



House Demolition in Cardiff, Swansea and The Vale Of Glamorgan


We South Wales Demolition for over the  years have offered domestic house and bungalow demolition services in Cardiff. We have demolished residential buildings ranging from taking down party walls, to demolishing whole streets. We can demolish anything in Cardiff and offer some of the best rates on offer in Wales for house Demolition. Talk to Ryan on 07866043059 if we can arrange a meeting to discuss your next demolition contract being undertaken in South Wales.


Site Clearance Contractors in Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys


We undertake site clearance and factory demolition in Cardiff. We have a director who has demolished many factory buildings across the landscape of Wales, we have been behind some large steel factory building site clearance projects. As a result of the massive demand for our demolition services.

We offer our site clearance services and factory demolition services in the following areas..


Factory Demolition contractors, and demolition companies in Rhondda Cynon Taf.


We will undertake demolition and dismantling in Taffs Well, Rhondda Cynon Taf or anywhere the South Wales Valleys. We undertake demolition work in Aberdare and we will consider any size contract. No matter its value we will offer the best rates and customer service.


Demolition Contractors and dismantling experts in Merthyr Tydfil


For many years now we have undertaken demolition work in Merthyr Tydfil, these contracts range in size and complexity but we offer the best service around.


Swansea Demolition Contractors and Companies