Local Demolition Companies



In this article, we will talk about why so many people choose our local demolition business to demolish commercial and industrial buildings in Wales.

Whether it’s demolish industrial factory, steel framed building, such as a car show room or a brick built residential house, that needs safe demolition- we can help.

Here’s the demolition services we can offer:


–            We can demolish any structure within Cardiff

–            Site clearance

–            Commercial demolition

–            Industrial demolition

–            Steel recycling

–            Factory clearance work


Demolition services

We can offer to demolish any structure, whether it requires a one ton digger or a high-reach demolition excavator we can help. We don’t just operate within South Wales; each week, we send out our vans and men out to demolish structures all across the South West of England as well.


Carefully managed

All of the buildings we demolish and are overseen by a site management with over 30 years of experience in the demolition industry.

This means that a highly experienced demolition manager will oversee the demolition work, this means they will be involved from the writing of the method statements and the risk assessments to finishing the demolition contract, and will ensure that all the demolition work progresses safely and in accordance with the method statement.


Industrial buildings

Some large industrial buildings within South Wales are often constructed using RSJ’s, so they are steel-framed, or perhaps you have an old, redundant Victorian factory-made bold red bricks.

These need to be demolished safely using large demolition excavators, and often, the client will want the aggregates to be crushed using a jaw crusher.

We can offer our demolition services right throughout the South West and South Wales.


Demolition services

Therefore, regardless of the type of structure, it could be a giant factory or a massive warehouse, it could be a huge shop that needs demolishing, and we can demolish it for you.

Using large excavators, we can demolish the structure safely.

We will then lift the steel with our excavators, the specialist demolition attachment that can cut the steel into small sections.

The steel is then loaded again into metal recycling skips using the excavator. These recycling skips are then driven to the local recycling yard, where the metal is recycled.


Metal recycling

There are structures within South Wales, such as a warehouse, where a large proportion of the building will need to be made from steel.

Therefore, you will often need a specialist demolition contractor with large demolition excavators fitted with powerful steel shears, that can cut through the steel. The steel needs to be cut into small sections; it still can’t be lifted by hand, because it’s too heavy, so our excavators then load the steel and non-ferrous and ferrous steel into recycling skips.


Recycled waste

Whether it’s steel or aggregates, these will need to be recycled to help protect the environment.

We have several ways to help you recycle more of your old building: whether its brick, concrete, or stone, and we can feed this into a large jaw crusher.

We can also send 100% of the steel, copper, lead, and aluminium for recycling so it can be fully recycled and made into new products around the world.


Demolition in Cardiff

Regardless of the type of structure or building, we can demolish it safely. We specialise in demolishing metal factories, buildings, and industrial structures such as old metal silos.

This can be a considerable aluminium silo; perhaps it’s redundant, or a whole factory might need demolishing, or perhaps you need us to just to break up and demolish a concrete slab?

We can help.


What type of buildings do you demolish within the city of Cardiff?

We are a highly experienced demolition company. We have been demolishing a wide range of different buildings for over 30 years now. This could range from demolishing, let’s say, a fire-damaged steel factory, right through to demolishing a large 5-bedroom house in Cyncoed area of Cardiff.

Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to write a whole article explaining the different types of buildings we can demolish.


Large factories

All over South Wales, there is a large number of factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, like shops which need demolishing by our team of Cardiff demolition experts.

Sometimes, these might be Victorian factories, so they are made from bricks and stone, with wooden A-frame to make the roof.

More modern factories often use a steel frame- therefore they will need a powerful excavator, such as a huge 50 ton Hitachi excavator, with a steel shear, to cut through the steel RSJ’s and angle iron, like a hot knife cuts through butter. If these buildings need to be demolished, we can use a wide range of different excavators, ranging from high-reach excavators, to much smaller 10-ton excavators fitted with a demolition attachment called rotor grab, which can pick up the steel quickly.


Commercial buildings- we can demolish any type of commercial building

Sometimes, when a new company takes over the lease of a commercial building, such as a large warehouse say in Cardiff Docks, they need the racking and the internal buildings to be demolished. This is so they can make the building ready for when they will rent the factory. We can therefore bring in a small excavator, or many of these, such as using Kubota diggers, which can take down the internal racking, we can also demolish internal buildings.

For example, there might be a staff canteen area, made using breeze blocks, that needs to be demolished via a demolition excavator, so that the warehouse is just brought back to the four outer walls. We can complete this work for you.

Residential demolition

Because Cardiff is a capital city, it’s very built-up area, which has many houses, apartments, and garages. We can demolish any residential building; for example, you might want a three-bedroom home to be demolished, so that you can make way for a brand-new house that might have over seven bedrooms.


Demolition and Crushing

Sometimes, a commercial building, such as a warehouse or a factory, must be crushed using say an Extec crusher, these are fantastic crushers. This means that the giant jaw crusher needs to be brought onto the demolition site, and then the stone aggregates, such as the stone, the brick, and the breeze blocks, need to be fed into the crusher and made into hardcore.

We can, therefore, demolish any building and crush it for you.


Would you like a demolition quotation?

If you plan on demolishing a building anywhere in Cardiff, why not call our demolition company?

We can demolish houses, warehouses, and factories, whether made from stone, brick, or steel. We also aim to recycle as much as possible.

If you would like a demolition quotation, why not call us today?

Things to think about when choosing a demolition contractor

Date: 10/02/2024


Whether it’s a commercial or a residential building that needs demolishing, great care must be taken when demolishing the building. For example, which size excavator you plan on using, and also what demolition equipment is needed needs to be carefully considered.

It’s essential to have detailed, well-written method statements and risk assessments in place as well, this to plan the demolition works out, before demolition takes place. Whether it’s a house, factory or warehouse that’s being demolished, its important to write demolition method statements.


Have a look to see If the demolition contractor has undertaken similar demolition contracts:

There’s no point in hiring demolition contractor, that only has experience of demolishing houses, when it’s a large industrial factory that needs demolishing.

This type of demolition is entirely different; as a matter of fact, you need specialist demolition equipment, such as metal shears to cut through steel buildings. Therefore, you will need a demolition contractor that has experience demolishing this type of building.



Are you crushing the stone or taking it away?

It’s essential to carefully consider whether it would be best to crush the bricks, stone and rubble onto the demolition site.
To do this, often a demolition company will often use a “jaw crusher”.

Alternatively, you might use eight-wheeler lorries, for example, a Mercedes eight-wheeler lorries, to take the stone away?

The reason why it’s so important to consider whether you are crushing, or taking the stone away from the demolition site, is because if you’re taking the rubble away, this will burn a lot of extra diesel to do this.

For example, transporting 10, 8- wheeler loads and driving it some distance will burn a lot of diesel.
However, if the demolition company also has a good quality jaw crusher, or they can hire a crusher in to do the crushing and then you can crush the aggregates to the site.

This often means that a lot less diesel is consumed, which is obviously better for the environment.



Just as a highly experienced carpenter visualises how they will craft something out of wood, and plan how they will build something, well a highly experienced and knowledgeable demolition contractor, needs to plan there demolition work out as well.

The demolition company will need to write a method statement, this is to detail how they are going to demolish the building.

This should be written as a step by step guide for how they plan on safely demolishing the building.

Whether it be a hotel, factory or a house, a method statement needs to be written.

For example, it could be a front elevation of the building that’s particularly close to a very busy footpath.

Therefore, careful consideration will need to go into how to demolish the building in a way that causes minimal disruption to the general public, so that the building can be safely demolished.

Site managers

Whichever demolition company you hire in the U.K, whether it’s a company to demolish a power station, somebody to demolish an airport, or perhaps even a demolition company to demolish a huge range of metal factories, which might span multiple acres.

It’s essential to hire a company which has highly experienced demolition management.

We have some most highly experienced demolition managers, not just in Wales, but in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Some of our demolition managers now have 30 years of experience demolishing and decommissioning industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

Therefore, to hire a highly competent and experienced demolition team, why not call us today?

Why dust suppression is so essential on a demolition sites



When demolishing any building, it’s absolutely essential to consider dust suppression. Dust, also known as “silica”, causes a wide range of health problems. Therefore, demolition contractors must carefully consider how they will suppress the dust that’s generated on demolition sites.

Dust can be created at many different points during the demolition process. For example, dust can be created during the demolition phase, when lorries are being loaded, or the stone, rubble and bricks are being loaded into what’s called the “hopper” of a jaw crusher.

The good news is that whatever company is undertaking the demolition, whether it be a house demolition or a vast factory, there is a lot of demolition equipment to make the suppression an absolute piece of cake. There are now water cannons which can blast water high up into the air, making it easy to suppress the dust.



How do demolition contractors suppress dust on demolition sites?

Well, in the past, demolition contractors have sometimes used redundant and old fire engines. This is quite effective. However, as more and more quality demolition equipment has become available and is made by various manufacturers, and many companies now manufacture specialist water cannons.

These water cannons can shoot water high into the air and produce a fine mist.

When you consider on demolition sites, a wide variety of dust can be put into the air.

For example, it could be fibreglass, it could be dust when breaking stone or concrete, or it could even be dust created by woodworms that have eat away at all the roof rafters causing fine wood dust.

Therefore, these water cannons are needed to blast water into the air to suppress all of that dust.

Demolition contractors must use dust suppression on demolition contracts, not just in built-up areas but all on all demolition contracts.

Even if there’s a demolition, say, of a factory, and let’s say the building is in a countryside location, so there are not many residential houses nearby, dust suppression should still be used even if the Cardiff demolition contract, is not in a built-up area.

Dust suppression is not just needed to help protect the general public from the dust. It’s also to help protect the workers on the demolition site as well.

Whether it’s the labourers, the demolition excavator drivers, or perhaps the people who watch the crusher to make sure there are no blockages in the hopper, they will need dust suppression so that the demolition staff does not breathe in the dust as well.



Have you demolished many buildings?

Yes, we have demolished many structures and buildings. This could range from simply taking down a galvanised steel chimney to demolishing a giant factory or demolishing a single residential house.

It’s essential to consider what type of dust suppression is needed on all of these demolition contracts.

We have vast experience demolishing a massive range of different buildings.

If you have any questions about our demolition services, why not give us a call? We will be happy to help you.

What types of excavators / diggers are used on demolition contracts?



Every demolition contract is slightly different and therefore different excavators / diggers will be needed—such as an industrial demolition contract will often need much larger excavators. Sometimes huge high-reach excavators will be needed, sometimes a mini-digger will be needed for internal demolition, so a wide range of excavators are often needed.

Therefore, the demolition company must carefully select suitable excavators, the use the correct size machine is important, and ensures that we safely demolish the building.

Whether the building is huge hotel or a house, we have the demolition excavators to demolish any type of building. We use Hitachi excavators, these are brilliant and powerful machines.

Once equipped with the right demolition attachments, we can demolish any type of building.


Commercial demolition

We have demolished a vast range of buildings, ranging from steel warehouses / factories through to houses. Therefore, we need to use a range of different excavators, ranging from 10-ton machines, up to 50-ton excavators.

Therefore, we use various excavators, whether the Cardiff demolition requires a huge building to be demolished, such as a large factory, a warehouse, or a light industrial unit- here at South Wales Demolition Ltd, we can safely demolish any building.

Therefore, the different types of machines we can use are:

– Kubota mini-diggers
– JCB 3CX machines
– Large 30 ton machines
– Crushers


Different demolition attachments

Depending on the demolition contract, different demolition attachments need to be used.

Therefore demolition companies use the following demolition attachments:

– 360 Rotar grabs
– Hydraulic hammers
– Steel shears
– Crusher buckets


High reach demolition

Sometimes, a building will be so tall that a demolition machine, called a “high-reach excavator”, will be needed. Made by companies such as Kobelco or Hitachi, and there are many other manufacturers as well, these machines are very powerful.

Fitted with a huge arm, they can reach the top of most buildings, helping to safely demolish the building.

Then once the concrete has hit the ground, often it’s in small pieces. If it’s not, then a smaller excavator will be needed, fitted with what’s called a hydraulic hammer; this will hit the concrete and break it into smaller pieces.

Then the concrete rubble can finally get fed through a jaw crusher, then the hardcore can stay on the demolition site, ready for the construction company to use it in the foundations of the new building.



Whether it’s an industrial, commercial, or domestic demolition contract, different jaw crushers will be suited to crushing certain different types of buildings.

Crushing has become massively popular with demolition contractors, and construction companies alike

The reason is the building can be crushed, and the hardcore can stay on the demolition site.

This way the hardcore can be used again when constructing the foundations of the new building.

Less lorries are therefore used to transport the stone waste away. Less diesel is also burnt, as less lorries are used, which is good for the environment.

If its a single house that’s being demolished in Wales, then a small crusher could be used. On a large industrial contact, a more larger crusher is often used.

For example, some crushers could easily exceed over 100 tonnes in weight; this might be a quarry crusher, for example, they could crush a massive amount of concrete, brick or stone per hour.


Have you got a demolition contract in Cardiff that is about to get underway?

If you are looking for a local demolition contractor, then why not call our business today?

We can demolish commercial buildings, residential and also industrial buildings.

We have been safely demolishing buildings for many years. We can supply crushers, excavators and the labour to demolish any type of building, so why not call us?