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We demolish

o Car show rooms
o Steel Buildings
o Manufacturing buildings
o Large factories
o Small factories
o Concrete breaking
o Large warehouses
o All Bristol demolition contracts considered!

South Wales Demolition Ltd has the equipment and know-how to offer professional site clearance services all over Bristol and throughout Bath. Need a competent demolition contractor service in Bath or Bristol call us today!


If you have a site clearance contract within Bristol, why not call us today. Call Ryan our senior estimator on 07866043059.

Or alternatively email your site clearance enquiries through to and we can send out an estimator anywhere in Bristol to price your contract.

Site Clearance Contracts Bristol

We have the necessary plant that is capable of demolishing factory units and other large-scale commercial buildings in Bristol.

If you have a site clearance contract that you wish to have priced within the Bristol or Bath regions, then we can offer a professional and safe demolition service, we can say this with certainty because we have demolition site supervisors and managers that have accumulated demolition knowledge over the years working in demolition for over 25 years.

What forms of Site Clearance contracts can you perform on?

Site clearance contracts large or small in the Bristol and Bath areas

No matter the size of the steel framed buildings or site clearance contracts that needs demolishing in the Bristol areas, we can offer competitive demolition quote to you.

We have experience on all forms of demolishing structures and we can offer you a competitive price in Bristol.

Commercial Steel Framed Buildings

We can demolish commercial steel framed buildings, or demolish former storage facilities small warehouses or large warehouses or even supermarkets that need demolishing.

We can demolish such structures a cost-effective manner, we often reverse engineer structures by taking the structures down in the safest way possible, through our expert machine drivers and high quality plant and equipment.

Have a demolition or site clearance contract in Bristol contact us | Demolition Services in Bristol | Demolition

We have large-scale plant and equipment which allows us to quickly process such buildings and offer competitive prices for within the Bristol regions.

Industrial buildings and commercial premises demolition

You might have a commercial demolition contract in Bristol that require’s site clearance services, why not call our demolition Bristol estimator Ryan on 07866043059.

Perhaps you need to demolish structures that are located on a commercial operation, such as a quarry or manufacturing building for example. We have experience of demolishing all forms of structures in and around Bristol.

We have site supervisors and managers which have been in the demolition profession for well over 25 years, we couple this with expert machine drivers and excavators that can quickly demolish and process such buildings within the Bristol regions.

Whatever the form site clearance contract you have industrial or commercial we can offer a comprehensive solution for your demolition needs.

No matter the construction whether it be concrete, brick steel we have the equipment that can carry out such demolition projects. We have years of experience and we can put this to good use on your next demolition project.

Site clearance of unusual buildings

Perhaps you have an unusual structure that needs demolishing, perhaps it is a commercial structure that requires a specialist demolition contractor.

This could take the form of chimneys, large peculiar size steel buildings or any other form site clearance contract that requires a specialist to undertake the work.

Whatever the site clearance contract you have, we have the capability to perform. We have excavators which have been well maintained and have concrete breaking attachments, there is nothing that stands in our way when we undertake demolition within Bristol.

Demolition Bristol | Site Clearance Bristol | House demolishers Bristol (Domestic demolition)

For for information, contact us here : Bristol Demolition Services Site Clearance Division .

Bristol Demolition Services

Bristol Demolition & Dismantling Services


We offer a cutting-edge demolition service to our prospective clients within Bristol. Demolition service contact page.

No matter the form of demolition that you require, we will have the equipment and expertise to safely deconstruct all most all forms of structures within Bristol.

We offer the following forms of demolition services to Bristol:

Domestic Demolition Services | Houses | Bungalows | Residential Housing

We offer our demolition services in respect of demolishing residential housing and other forms of buildings such as bungalows and also garages for example.

We undertake low value works, right through to council contracts for regeneration of housing for example.

We can demolish any form of residential structure, we can take on small works right up to high-value residential clearance contracts in Bristol.

Commercial Demolition Services

We have built up a reputation within South Wales and the South West for being a safe demolition contractor when it comes to demolishing commercial buildings.

We can demolish steel buildings, factories, retail outlets, other forms of commercial buildings.

Our demolition services offer professional levels of expertise and cost-effective approach that is used on all forms of demolition that is undertaken within the Bristol and Bath regions.

Site Clearance | Demolition Contractor Services Bristol

Perhaps you have a more large-scale demolition contract, such as demolishing steel outbuildings or other commercial operations that need dismantling and demolishing safely.

We have the heavy plant and equipment that enables us demolish such buildings safely, we invite all tenders and demolition enquiries through to our Cardiff office where we can send a demolition estimator out to you.

Demolition Services Bristol

We understand that demolition requires expert levels of attention to detail.

We have site supervisors which have operated within the demolition industry over 25 years.

These help guide our demolition operations both within Bristol on our commercial and domestic contracts. For professional demolition services, contact us today, we cover Bristol, Bath and Cardiff.

Put your demolition contract in expert hands contact us today.

For more information about how we undertake demolition in Bristol why not visit this page. Bristol Demolition Services.
We have a range of excavators and demolition specification equipment that enables us to perform our demolition services with great levels of organisation and precision.

For more information on what dismantling and demolition services we can offer you, contact us today.

Site Clearance and Factory Demolition Bristol

South Wales Demolition Ltd offers excellent value for money to its clients for South Wales and South West regions. The company for a long period of time has also specialised in commercial demolition and dismantling of factory units.

Have a commercial building that needs to be demolished within Bristol?


Whether it be a steel building, factory building, or industrial units contact us today.

Our estimator can be contacted on (07866) 043059 or

Steel Building and Factory Demolition Bristol

SWD Ltd can demolish safely and efficiently steel buildings and factory units within Bristol.

If you are looking for a professional demolition contractor for a factory or commercial building demolition in Bristol, why not consider us. Contact us here: Bristol Demolition.

The range of commercial and industrial services we can offer within Bristol are

  • Demolition of disused factories
  • Dismantling of commercial structures
  • Steel demolition
  • Site clearance contracts large or small
  • Commercial and Industrial demolition services within Bristol

Some demolition businesses do not have the capability to demolish large commercial buildings.

We have the capability to demolish steel buildings or commercial factories because we have built up a working knowledge and have the plant equipment capable to safely dismantle such structures.

We break the following forms of demolition into separate categories, these are as follows:

Factory Demolition Bristol

Whether it be a large disused factory unit or just a small retail space building, we have the plant and equipment ready to safely dismantle and collapse any sort of structure within the Bristol regions.

Site Clearance Contractors Bristol

Right from Avonmouth right through to the rest of the South West, throughout there are large retail and commercial buildings that need to be safely demolished. We can demolish these structures safely and in a cost-effective manner, to find out how we do this contact us today.

More information about how we demolish structures within Bristol why not visit this page. Demolition Bristol

Retail Demolition and Dismantling

We see retail demolition and dismantling within Bristol as its own segment of demolition that requires professional levels of expertise within the industry, if the demolition works are to go to plan.

This is because this form of demolition is often carried out near retail parks or areas where there are live services currently in use and shops are still operational within the vicinity of demolition.

For demolition to be carried out safely within these areas within Bristol you need an experienced demolition contractor one which understands retail, commercial and residential demolition.

To find out more about us why not follow the link here: About us.

We therefore offer the full spectrum and range of demolition services that can be offered within the Bristol regions.

Find more out about our commercial demolition operations here.

We have more information about our Bristol demolition operations on this page, Bristol demolition services.

Demolition Contractors of Cardiff launches new website!

South Wales Demolition Logo

South Wales Demolition Ltd has launched its new Cardiff website, targeting dismantling and demolition contracts in Cardiff. To visit the new website why not click here, demolition and dismantling services Cardiff.

The company has recently invested in a new website to encourage development of its site clearance, dismantling and demolition activities within the Cardiff region’s.

For friendly and professional demolition advice in Cardiff, why not visit our new website page.

Site clearance, demolition dismantling services Cardiff.

Our full range of Demolition and Dismantling Services for Bristol

We offer a comprehensive range of professional demolition and dismantling services for our clients within Bristol.

For more information visit our Bristol demolition page and why not click here: Bristol Demolition and Dismantling Services.


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Factory demolition. Digger in front of old chemical building.

Factory demolition. Digger in front of old chemical building.

Our range of Demolition Services on offer for Bristol:

  • Residential and Domestic Structure Demolition and Dismantling
    Garage and Small Building Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition of Factories or Industrial Buildings
  • Industrial Structure Demolition
  • Small or Large Demolition Enquiries Welcome.
  • Complex and Industrial Site Clearance Contracts Bristol
  • Our range of site clearance, dismantling and demolition services

As you can see South Wales Demolition Ltd offer the full range of dismantling and site clearance services, as well as demolition services for both large and small scale demolition contracts within Bristol.

We are now going to break down the different forms of demolition and dismantling that we can carry out within the Bristol regions.

Small Building and Demolition Services of Domestic Structures, Houses, Garages, Bungalows

If you have a small structure such as a single house, bungalow or garage that needs dismantling and demolishing within Bristol why not consider our company.

We can offer competitive pricing and professional management of health and safety when demolishing any structure within the Bristol regions.

Commercial Demolition Contractors and Site Clearance Works

We take on commercial demolition contracts in Bristol. We can demolish buildings due to our well-maintained equipment and our industry knowledge of demolishing complex structures such as steel buildings.

Industrial Structure Demolition

For those buildings or structures that are out of the ordinary, in that they may be complex or awkward to demolish, we will have the necessary experience to demolish such structures within the Bristol regions safely and professionally.

Bristol Demolition Contractors you can trust!

We make sure that we demolish buildings we are appointed to remove in a safe and professional manner.

We execute our demolition projects within Bristol with attention to detail paid to the method statement, that is written in a methodical and detailed manner.

Why we can take on all forms of Demolition and Site Clearance works within Bristol and the South West.

We do not just take on demolition within the domestic sectors, we also demolish buildings such as large commercial warehouses and former storage facilities for example.

We also have the experience and capabilities to safely demolish residential housing and domestic buildings.

Our range of equipment and knowledge therefore allows us to carry out demolition in a safe manner and we also make sure that we offer strong value for money proposition to our clients within the Bristol regions.

We demolish buildings and structures, and offer site clearance services across the South West!

We don’t just demolish buildings within Bristol we also demolish within these areas as well.

Cardiff Site Clearance and Demolition Services

We operate a demolition company that serves the whole of Cardiff. Whether that be for demolition, site clearance or health and safety management on demolition sites we can offer the full range of services to our clients within the capital of South Wales.

Demolition Contracts that arise within Bath

We also travel and offer our demolition service to all of Bath within the South West of England.

We can demolish structures safely and at an affordable price point to our clients within the Bath regions, we achieve this through offering professional health and safety management, without charging high rates for demolition

Swansea Demolition and Dismantling Services as well as Site Clearance

We have demolished structures within Swansea within South Wales, we continue to offer the full range of demolition services within Swansea and the surrounding areas of the South Wales regions.

To learn more about our Bristol demolition services, why not click here. Bristol Demolition and Dismantling.

To make an enquiry about our demolition services on offer in Bristol, why not click here. Bristol Demolition Enquiry.