Bristol Demolition

Domestic demolition

We can safely demolish any type of domestic building, this can range from houses, through to flats, and also garages.

Demolition contractors Bristol

Within Bristol, every year a wide range of different buildings need to be dismantled and demolished. This can range from car showrooms, through to residential housing. We have a shoot amount of experience, demolishing buildings in Bristol, and right across South-West England.

Commercial demolition

Whether it be the demolition of a factory, or perhaps another type of commercial building, such as offices, we are the demolition company to call.

Demolition contractors within Bristol

If you are looking for a demolition company, which serves the city of Bristol, as well as all of the surrounding areas, then why not give us a call.

We specialise in steel demolition, we can therefore demolish factories, warehouses as well as retail units.

We have demolition excavators, which can demolish any type of industrial, commercial building. This can range from, a large aluminium clad chimney, right through to demolishing and steel frame factory, that might have thick steels, and therefore require specialist demolition excavators to safely demolish the building.

We have a huge amount of experience demolishing commercial and as well as residential buildings right throughout Bristol in south-west England. We have the team, we have the excavators and we have the site management that have over 40 years’ experience, demolishing buildings right throughout Bristol.

If you are therefore looking for a Bristol demolition company, then why not call us today.

Demolition/site clearance

Our company specialises in commercial demolition, as well as also industrial demolition. This topper demolition is wide-ranging, it can range from demolishing a large steel building, right through to just removing a chimney, or perhaps an outbuilding that’s no longer used.

We have demolition excavators, that range from 10 ton, up to 30 ton, we can therefore safely demolish any type of commercial building.

Which areas does our demolition company cover?


We cover the whole of South Wales; the vast majority of our demolition contracts are within the city of Cardiff.

We also demolish all types of buildings throughout Bristol as well. If you have a commercial, industrial or a residential building which needs demolishing anywhere within the South-West of England, then why not call us?

  • Residential demolition

    We can also demolish houses, as well as garages, we have demolished many houses throughout Bristol and Bath, South-West England. If you require a house to be demolished then why not call us.

  • Commercial demolition

    We can demolish any type of commercial building, ranging from car showrooms, right through to factories.

  • Highly experienced

    We have some of the most highly experienced demolition management in the country working for us, we have demolition managers with over four years’ experience. They have demolished many commercial and residential buildings throughout South-West England.

  • Free quotations

    We offer free quotations on residential as well as commercial demolition.

Free quotations

Whether it’s a factory, warehouse that needs to be demolished, we can offer you a free quotation.

We have years experience, as well as the demolition equipment, to demolish any type of building in Bristol.

Demolition/site clearance

Therefore whether you require a whole factory to be demolished, perhaps you just need the steel racking, or machinery removed within a factory, we are the company to call. We have the demolition excavators, which allow us to demolish any top of building.

If you need a commercial or residential building demolished anywhere within Bristol then why not call us?