Local Demolition Companies



In this article, we will talk about why so many people choose our local demolition business to demolish commercial and industrial buildings in Wales.

Whether it’s demolish industrial factory, steel framed building, such as a car show room or a brick built residential house, that needs safe demolition- we can help.

Here’s the demolition services we can offer:


–            We can demolish any structure within Cardiff

–            Site clearance

–            Commercial demolition

–            Industrial demolition

–            Steel recycling

–            Factory clearance work


Demolition services

We can offer to demolish any structure, whether it requires a one ton digger or a high-reach demolition excavator we can help. We don’t just operate within South Wales; each week, we send out our vans and men out to demolish structures all across the South West of England as well.


Carefully managed

All of the buildings we demolish and are overseen by a site management with over 30 years of experience in the demolition industry.

This means that a highly experienced demolition manager will oversee the demolition work, this means they will be involved from the writing of the method statements and the risk assessments to finishing the demolition contract, and will ensure that all the demolition work progresses safely and in accordance with the method statement.


Industrial buildings

Some large industrial buildings within South Wales are often constructed using RSJ’s, so they are steel-framed, or perhaps you have an old, redundant Victorian factory-made bold red bricks.

These need to be demolished safely using large demolition excavators, and often, the client will want the aggregates to be crushed using a jaw crusher.

We can offer our demolition services right throughout the South West and South Wales.


Demolition services

Therefore, regardless of the type of structure, it could be a giant factory or a massive warehouse, it could be a huge shop that needs demolishing, and we can demolish it for you.

Using large excavators, we can demolish the structure safely.

We will then lift the steel with our excavators, the specialist demolition attachment that can cut the steel into small sections.

The steel is then loaded again into metal recycling skips using the excavator. These recycling skips are then driven to the local recycling yard, where the metal is recycled.


Metal recycling

There are structures within South Wales, such as a warehouse, where a large proportion of the building will need to be made from steel.

Therefore, you will often need a specialist demolition contractor with large demolition excavators fitted with powerful steel shears, that can cut through the steel. The steel needs to be cut into small sections; it still can’t be lifted by hand, because it’s too heavy, so our excavators then load the steel and non-ferrous and ferrous steel into recycling skips.


Recycled waste

Whether it’s steel or aggregates, these will need to be recycled to help protect the environment.

We have several ways to help you recycle more of your old building: whether its brick, concrete, or stone, and we can feed this into a large jaw crusher.

We can also send 100% of the steel, copper, lead, and aluminium for recycling so it can be fully recycled and made into new products around the world.


Demolition in Cardiff

Regardless of the type of structure or building, we can demolish it safely. We specialise in demolishing metal factories, buildings, and industrial structures such as old metal silos.

This can be a considerable aluminium silo; perhaps it’s redundant, or a whole factory might need demolishing, or perhaps you need us to just to break up and demolish a concrete slab?

We can help.