Here in South Wales, there are thousands of manufacturing businesses, this means that across Wales there are many steel framed factories, warehouses and industrial units which need demolishing every year.

Sometimes the building is to stay in tact, yet internal buildings, steel racking and machinery sometimes need to be removed from the building ready for the building to be reused by another company.

We can therefore offer to demolish any sized steel framed building, whether it be a factory or warehouse. We can also offer to remove racking, internal buildings or any redundant machinery. We have excavators that are able to safely dismantle any type of building here in Wales. We are demolition contractors that have over 40 years experience.


Factory Clearance

Perhaps you own a large factory, or perhaps a steel framed warehouse or an industrial building, and you need building demolished, then why not call us? We have demolished many steel buildings within Wales.
We also have site managers that have over 40 years’ experience, which allows us to safely demolis buildings within South Wales and the South West.


Machinery Removal

Perhaps you have redundant machinery within your factory, such as stainless steel, or metal machinery that needs removing from your factory. We can remove this unwanted metal machinery and to take it for recycling. So if your looking for a demolition contractor that offers “metal recycling” then why not call us?

We can safely demolish or dismantle any machinery, and take it to a scrap yard recycling yard, so that non-ferrous or ferrous metal can be recycled.


Metal recycling (non-ferrous and ferrous metals Wales)

For example, you might have a large amount of stainless-steel equipment, used in food manufacturing, and this machinery is now no longer in use by the business, so it needs to be dismantled and removed from the factory. We can therefore offer to demolish and dismantle any type of machinery.

Non-ferrous and ferrous metal recycling / scrap metal recycling

Whether it’s a steel framed building or perhaps we are moving non-ferrous metals within the building that you would like sent for recycling we can help.

Perhaps for example, an industrial unit has incurred fire damage, we can therefore safely dismantle the whole steel framed building, and remove any non-ferrous or ferrous metals, and send them for recycling.

For example, from a building we can recycle the steel, we can also recycle any aluminium, copper or lead. We can therefore use a selector grab, to separate the metals, we can then send these metals whether they be nonferrous or ferrous metals to a scrap yard here in South Wales or in Bristol. We also offer steel demolition and dismantling services as well.

We have a range of excavators, which allow us to separate non-ferrous from ferrous metals, and we offer our site clearance as well as our demolition services throughout Wales and the South-West.


Site Clearance

We also offer site clearance services, for example, we can demolish any type of building, such as car show rooms, retail units and warehouses and our company specialises in demolishing steel buildings.


Which areas does your demolition company operate within?

We are demolition contractors that demolish buildings within Cardiff as well as the city of Bristol as well.
We offer commercial, residential and industrial demolition. We have highly experienced site managers, which have over 40 years’ experience demolishing commercial buildings.