Site Clearance

Commercial & Domestic Demolition

Our demolition company specialises in commercial and industrial demolition. We demolish steel framed buildings, such as warehouses, factories and industrial units. We also demolish domestic buildings also.

Site clearance

Perhaps you have a large warehouse, with a concrete slab as well as surrounding fencing that you want removed? We have the demolition machinery, such as hydraulic breakers and excavators to demolish any type of commercial building.

Demolition Wales

Perhaps you require a factory, a light industrial unit, or perhaps a large steel warehouse, to be dismantled and taken away. We can offer you a competitive price, to demolish any type of commercial building within Wales.

Commercial demolition/Scrap metal recycling

It often requires large demolition excavators, fitted with specialist demolition equipment, to safely take down a warehouse, a factory or perhaps a light industrial unit.

Perhaps the building has become fire damaged, so it’s needs even more care and also attention to safely demolish it. Our demolition excavators, and then start to break apart the building, section by section, whether it be made from steel, concrete or perhaps made from brick?

We can then completely demolish and also dismantle the building, and taking for recycling.

We have been safely demolishing buildings within Cardiff for over 40 years. So perhaps you’re looking for a company to safely dismantle a steel silo, perhaps you need a large brick built building demolished, or perhaps you need a warehouse demolished.

We can demolish any type of industrial building, but we also undertake internal demolition, for example many tons of steel racking, need to be safely dismantled.

We are the demolition company that can safely dismantle and demolish any type of building.

Factory demolition

Right across South Wales, from the tops of the South Wales valleys, through to Cardiff, there are many factories which either need total demolition, or perhaps inside of the building dismantling.

For example, it’s commonplace, for a new company to go into a warehouse, and need different racking. We can bring in demolition excavators, that can safely take down the metal racking and take that for recycling.

We can recycle any type of metal, nonferrous and also ferrous metals.

So, whether you need a warehouse that spans 10 acres demolished, or perhaps you just need the steel racking to be dismantled why not call us?

Commercial demolition experts

We have over 40 years’ experience, demolishing commercial buildings, as well as equipment that is used as part of the manufacturing process for businesses. For example, we can demolish anything from a large water tank, through to demolishing a whole building, which might be full of redundant pipework, machinery and perhaps racking.

This often requires demolition excavators, which are fitted with pulveriser’s, to break the concrete, as well as also steel shears, which are capable of easily cutting through even thick RSJ’s.

Therefore, if you require a commercial or industrial building to be demolished then why not call our full-time estimator. In a very short period of time, he can write back to you with a full quote.

  • Site clearance and crushing

    We can demolish the commercial building for you, as well as crush any concrete and leave it on-site.

  • Industrial demolition

    We can demolish any type of industrial building, ranging from warehouses, through to large steel silos.

  • Commercial demolition

    We can demolish everything from car showrooms, through to demolishing factories.

  • Steel recycling

    We can demolish everything, ranging from retail units, through to warehouses.

Steel building demolition

Perhaps you have a light industrial unit, which has become fire damaged? Perhaps you would like it’s demolished, as well as also the contents of the building, which might be machinery, racking it could even be stock which also needs to recycled.

Perhaps the demolition contract requires a three-ton mini excavator, fitted with a rotor grab, to safely dismantle steel racking.

Alternatively, the demolition contract might require a 40+ ton excavator to safely dismantle the building, whatever demolition equipment or excavator is needed, we can use the right machinery, to safely demolish your commercial building.

All work will be overseen by demolition managers, and we have some of the most highly experienced demolition management in the whole of Wales working for us. For example, we have management that have over 40 years experience working within the demolition industry.

Would you like a quote?

If you would like a quote to demolish any type of structure within the city of Bristol or perhaps the building is located within South Wales, then why not call our business today?

We will aim to get a quote back to you as soon as possible