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South Wales Demolition Ltd has an established company presence throughout Bristol and Cardiff.

The demolition contractors can offer the following services throughout Cardiff and the South West of England.

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Demolition Contractors who cover Bristol and Cardiff

  • Site Clearance Services
  • Building Demolition of any form
  • Small demolition works carried out
  • Large demolition contracts undertaken
  • Commercial demolition
  • Industrial demolition services
  • Demolition services from an experienced demolition company in Cardiff and Bristol


What can your demolition services offer to clients within Bristol and Cardiff ?

We can offer professional demolition services whether the structure to be demolished is small or large in stature.

We can safely dismantle anything from residential housing, right through to large scale steel demolition of factory buildings and related structures.

We carry out such demolition within Bristol and Cardiff with meticulous planning and attention to detail paid to our health and safety management of each demolition site we occupy.

We also offer cost-effective strategies for our clients within Bristol and Cardiff.

Do you demolish small structures within Cardiff and Bristol?

We do indeed demolish small structures, such as garages, bungalows and residential housing for example.

We also demolish larger scale buildings such as Commercial building demolition in Bristol, and factory premises within areas such as Bristol and Cardiff 

Due to our range of demolition specification equipment and excavators, we are able to carry out the majority of demolition contracts that arise within the Bristol and South Wales regions.

If you have a demolition contract that is due to take place in the South Wales or the South West, why not contact us today. Demolition | Site clearance | Bristol Contact page

Demolition Services Bristol and Cardiff | Dismantling and Site Clearance


What can you offer that set’s you apart from other demolition contractors and dismantling services?

We believe in offering a tailored approach to each demolition contract, yet being a versatile demolition contractor we can demolish very small structures right up to large value contracts, yet offering high levels of customer service throughout.

Because we have owner operated demolition machines, this means we can also have cost savings that can be passed on to our clients within Bristol and South Wales.

So whether you have a small structure that needs demolishing or a very large building we will be able to advise on the best possible approach, in a cost conscious way.

We also heavily believe and have done so for a very long time in salvaging building materials where possible.

A lot of our demolition contracts within the Bristol and Cardiff regions have been safely demolished and where possible materials recycled.

Our attention to detail in demolition health and safety management and a reputation which extends within South Wales and the South West for offering value for money, means that we can offer a quality service you can depend upon.

To read more about our demolition contracting services in Cardiff why not click here. Demolition Cardiff

To find out more about our demolition services and also our commercial arm to the business why not follow this link: Bristol Demolition Contractors

What is your specialism in demolition?

Site clearance | Factory Demolition | Bristol | Cardiff

We specialise in the demolition of commercial buildings. We have two distinct arms to our demolition and dismantling business, that is an arm which takes care of demolishing small residential housing and bungalows, and then our commercial demolition business.

Our commercial demolition business can safely demolish structures such as warehouses, factories and related structures.

No matter the location of your commercial site clearance contract within Bristol or Cardiff we can offer you a no obligation quotation, and also an idea of how we plan to demolish structures safely.

We specialise within this area of demolition because of our large excavators which are equipped ready to demolish steel buildings, factory units and other site clearance projects that may arise anywhere within Cardiff, Bristol or even the Bath regions of the South West of England.

Site Clearance Contract’s undertaken throughout Cardiff and Bristol

For site clearance contracts to run correctly you need experienced personnel on site.

We have demolition site supervisors with over 25 years working knowledge accumulated directly within the demolition industry.

This demolition experience means that we can operate on site clearance contracts in Cardiff or Bristol and offer high levels of performance.

Whether you have a steel building, concrete that needs breaking or you just need large-scale plant or machinery to demolish a commercial building in Bristol for example then we are the company for you!

If you need help and advice on how to obtain demolition planning then why not visit this page if you live in Bristol: Demolition planning permission guidance

If you need planning permission guidance why not visit this page in Cardiff. Cardiff Demolition Planning Permission.

After you have received full planning permission for demolition, why not contact us an experienced commercial, domestic and site clearance dismantling and demolition company based in Cardiff that can offer you a cost-effective solution.

Experience is what separates us!

We believe it is experience which separates us from carrying out a demolition contract safely and from the more risky companies that operate out there.

We make sure that our demolition health and safety management is of paramount importance on each demolition site that we carry out.

We have site supervisors with vast experience of this sector, which ensures that our works run safely and that structures are tackled in the most careful way possible.

For demolition enquiries in Cardiff or Bristol contact us here: Contact page demolition Cardiff and Bristol.