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We have Site managers with over 25 years demolition experience all offered at a sensible rates for a professional and experienced demolition contractor operating throughout Cardiff, South Wales and Bristol.

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·         Professional execution of commercial and domestic demolition contracts at excellent rates. We can demolish houses, bungalows, garages and large residential demolition contracts in Cardiff | Bristol | Bath

·         Commercial demolition of factories and warehouses

·         Domestic demolition sensible rates for demolishing houses and domestic properties within South Wales and Bristol.

·         Affordable rates for a highly professional company with site managers with well over 25 years experience from some of our valued senior staff.

·         Professional and affordable service executed with attention to detail from start to finish.

Experience need not cost the earth… Contact one of Cardiff’s most experienced demolition contractors and start saving drastically on your demolition bill.

We have Ryan our mobile estimator within South Wales and Bristol who is able to cost any demolition contract at short notice. Ryan can be contacted on (07866) 043059. Or alternatively to get a contract costed contact Ryan@SouthWalesdemolition.co.uk

Contact one of Cardiff’s most experienced and professional demolition contractors in Cardiff today.

We are a large scale and experienced , professional demolition contractor located within Cardiff.

We take on demolition work of any size and scale and offer the most competitive and cost effective of demolition rates in Bristol and Cardiff.

We have a full time mobile estimator which can be contacted on (07866) 043059.

We offer a professional demolition service in terms of domestic demolition on small properties right up to commercial demolition of the large warehouses and commercial buildings for example.

Contact one of Cardiff’s most experienced demolition contractors today to ensure that your demolition contract is undertaken safely and with careful planning which results in perfect execution of all our demolition projects throughout South Wales.

An open door to cost saving and competitive advantage to many private clients and construction clients alike, When our clients take that opportunity to walk through we retain our client base through high levels of customer service offered at reasonable rates for demolition contracting services.

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Demolition Contractors Cardiff and Bristol

 We offer the following demolition services in Cardiff. Demolition work of all values can be taken on.

 We offer:

  • Demolition Contracting in Cardiff and Bristol
  • Site Clearance
  • Factory Demolition
  • Concrete Breaking
  • Office Demolition and Strip out work in South Wales & the South West
  • House Demolition
  • Drive Way Removal and small works taken on
  • Large commercial contracts
  • Steel framed building demolition


We are a demolition company that’s focused on providing demolition services of the highest standards and capable of displaying best practice and our talents in de-construction.


We have vast experience in demolition and dismantling and we have unique attention to detail. This is what we feel separates us from the competition and allows us to compete in a market where we can show our strong attributes to each of our key area’s. Our key area’s where we demonstrate our main selling features are protecting the environment; offering skilled demolition services be it from site clearance in Cardiff to House Demolition,

and offering strong value for money with our quotations.





Demolition Services Cardiff & Bristol


We are a Demolition and Dismantling company that offers our full range of demolition and Site Clearance services to the region of Bristol and Cardiff. We are a demolition contractor with much experience and knowledge in the demolition industry, we can safely dismantle and take down any structure large or small, we have safely demolished housing right up to large factory units.


Within Bristol and the surrounding area’s we have demolished many domestic houses and do so at low costs, and we also demolish buildings for the commercial demolition market.

We have strong selling features, which comprise of reverse engineering items of value for re-sale lowering your demolition bill and protecting the environment as far as possible through best practice in terms of recycling aggregates and leaving on site for future re use where deemed possible.


In Bristol and Cardiff we offer site clearance of factories and the demolition and removal off site of former manufacturing warehouses, we also demolish small structures such as bungalows and housing what ever the size of the building in  Bristol or Cardiff.


Demolition Contractors and Companies offering Site Clearance in Newport Wales.


We demolish and offer site clearance services all over Newport South Wales. In the mentioned region we have taken down many factory buildings, ranging from steel factories to small out buildings. We have also offered to the private clients great value for money when it comes to removing and demolishing redundant housing and leaving a clear site in Newport ready for re-development within the area. We offer all demolition services, from concrete breaking to pulling down factories on a large scale using large excavators to achieve the end goal in Newport within Wales.


Demolition Companies in Cardiff. Demolition and Site Clearance Services offered in South Wales.


We are a demolition company in Wales that undertakes all demolition work no matter its size or location within Wales, we will undertake work ranging in all sizes.


We frequently demolish the following buildings and types of structures within Cardiff and the South Wales area.


  • House Demolition Cardiff
  • Commercial demolition Contractors Wales
  • Domestic Demolition of houses and small residential type buildings.
Demolition Companies in Bristol


We are also Bristol Demolition Contractors, we can take on any demolition work that arises in Bristol and indeed any of the areas, surrounding the South West of England. We are a demolition company ready to take on demolition and dismantling work of all values. We can demolish houses, factory buildings and we can also take down steel buildings, warehouses and any other commercial structure, we have on the road full time a mobile estimator to cost all demolition jobs in Bristol in a short amount of time.


We offer some of the best deals on demolition in Bristol. So contact us today for a quote via email or through meeting our estimator we are confident we can save you money on your demolition bill. Be it a small bungalow or a massive complex of factory units we have the knowledge to safely reduce all buildings in a short space of time.


In Bristol we can demolish structures ranging from small walls to multi storey buildings, we have the experience to take down large structures also.


We also demolish buildings in Bath and in the area of Swindon.