Could our concrete crushing services help to reduce your demolition bill?



What’s great about having a building demolished and crushed to the site using a jaw-crusher, is that it’s helping to protect the environment and reduce the overall demolition bill.

What we mean by this is most demolition contractors, us included, will reduce the cost for us to demolish a building if we can crush it to the site. We can use a powerful jaw crusher, to crush all of the aggregates, brick, concrete and stone at the site.



Which type of buildings can often be crushed?

– Factories
– Industrial buildings


How does concrete crushing help to reduce the overall demolition bill?

When you think of the amount of haulage, that is required on most demolition contracts, a 8- wheeler tipper is often needed haul concrete away from the demolition site, this can sometimes significantly increase the bill.

For example, having lorries, with the cost of the drivers and diesel, this can significantly increase the cost of the demolition contract.
So, for example, the vast majority of the demolition contracts we manage are within Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan areas are now crushed to site, using a jaw crusher.

Now, when you think a typical house might need about ten loads of hard-core taken away, this can significantly increase the bill for us to demolish the building.


Jaw crusher

Yet if the building is going to be crushed to the site, with a powerful jaw crusher then, this can crush the building and make the stone into hardcore, which can then be reused to make say the foundations for the new building.


Left onsite or taken away

Sometimes, the client will want all the hardcore to taken away via a eight wheeler lorry, such as using DAF – eight wheeler lorry. Sometimes a aggregate is sold to another company which will use it for, let’s say, the base to make a new road, such as a motorway.

Alternatively, sometimes, the client will want the hard-core themselves; they can level it over the site and use it as part of the foundations for the new building.


Helps to protect the environment

Crushing the building and reusing that aggregate on the site, rather than transporting it away via trucks, helps protect the environment because less haulage is required. This means less diesel is burned and, therefore, less carbon is created during the demolition process.

Demolition contractors that can crush a building using a jaw crusher
We can use a powerful jaw crusher, which can crush all of the concrete, the brick and the aggregate, and we can stockpile it on your demolition site for you.


Crushing the concrete slab

Often, we use what is called a hydraulic hammer, which is fitted to the end of an excavator; this is used to break the concrete slab into much smaller pieces; once this process has been undertaken, it’s time to feed the jaw crusher.

One part of the jaw crusher is called a hopper; this is where the concrete, the stone, and the aggregate are fed into this part of the machine.

What comes out the other end is hard-core.


Local demolition companies that offer crushing services

Our demolition company can haul the stone away using an eight-wheeler lorry, yet alternatively you may want us to use a jaw crusher and crush all of the stone to the site.

We, therefore, can demolish and crush any building. Whether it be a house, a factory, or a warehouse, we can crush the stone, bricks, and aggregate for you.


Demolition company

Do you need a Cardiff demolition company? Then why not call us? We can demolish any building. If you are looking for a company that can crush the building using a jaw crusher, why not call us?

Demolition and crushing services South Wales

We can demolish any type of building and crush the building to site. We can use a jaw crusher, to crush concrete, brick and stone.


What type of commercial buildings can your demolition company demolish?



We are asked to demolish many commercial and industrial buildings located throughout the United Kingdom.

The reason for this is that we have the demolition excavators, such as Hitachi machines, and we also have highly experienced staff, meaning that whether it’s a huge, steel-clad warehouse or perhaps a fire-damaged factory, we can demolish it safely and efficiently.


Range of demolition excavators

Because we have an extensive range of different demolition excavators. This means that we can demolish a wide range of steel buildings, ranging from huge steel factories to huge warehouses and commercial buildings such as shops.

Whether the building is constructed using breeze blocks or it’s a steel-framed building, we can demolish it quickly and safely.

With a range of powerful demolition excavators, crushers and vans, we can demolish any building; we also have demolition attachments, which allow us to demolish the building even quicker.


Steel recycling

What’s great about demolishing a steel building, such as a warehouse, is that it’s often made of using steel sheets, steel beams and perhaps even steel framed windows.

Our powerful excavators can lift all of these heavy bits of metal into a waste bin, and then the metal is recycled at a local scrap yard for recycling.

Therefore, many steel buildings can be completely recycled, and steel-framed buildings might then be turned into new cars, washing machines, or even tins for your baked beans.


Factory Demolition

Quite often, a new company will take over a factory, and it might need the old demolished to make way for a newer, much larger building.

It could be that your building has incurred a lot of rust which is eating away at the RSJ beams, also rust could be affecting the exterior metal sheets or perhaps even the roofs angle iron could have a lot of rust.

Therefore, sometimes, it’s more economical to simply completely demolish the building and ultimately build a new steel-framed building in its place.

We have the powerful Hitachi demolition excavators, which can eat away at the steel building and safely demolish it, lifting each piece of heavy iron into a waste bin and we can then drive all of the non-ferrous and ferrous metal to a local scrap metal recycling yard.


Industrial demolition Cardiff

It could be that an old cast iron chimney as part of a factory, a heavy piece of machinery, such as a large printing press within the building in Cardiff, or perhaps an overhead crane that used to lift heavy equipment is now redundant and no longer used- we can therefore dismantle and demolish this for you.


A considerable amount of experience demolishing steel buildings

We have demolished many commercial buildings, ranging from fire-damaged factories, through to large factories.

We have the low loaders, the demolition excavators, and the staff to demolish any commercial or industrial building safely anywhere within South Wales.

We also travel right throughout the country, demolishing steel buildings.


Crushing of the concrete

We can also use our hugely powerful excavators to break up the concrete foundations using a hydraulic hammer.
We can put all of the concrete through a crusher; this way, most of the steel building, including its concrete foundations, will be fully recycled.

Therefore, the steel can be taken to a local scrap yard, where it will be fully recycled.

The concrete can also be broken into small pieces through a crusher and made into hardcore.

This concrete hardcore can, therefore, sometimes used to make the new foundations of the new building.

Or the hardcore might be taken off-site and used as the foundation for a road, for example.

Therefore, the concrete and the steel will be recycled completely, and what’s also great is that our demolition company is often chosen because we can offer some very competitive prices for demolishing steel-framed buildings such as warehouses, shops and factories.

We have been completing Cardiff demolition of steel buildings, such as factories and warehouses and shops, for a long time, so if you want a metal building demolished, why not call us?

We, therefore demolish the following types of structures:


  • Fire damaged buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • All types of steel buildings can be demolished by us


Highly experienced demolition contractors

If you are looking for a demolition company that can safely demolish a steel building, why not call us today? We can offer you a free quotation.