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Local Demolition Companies

    In this article, we will talk about why so many people choose our local demolition business to demolish commercial and industrial buildings in Wales. Whether it’s demolish industrial factory, steel framed building, such as a car show room or a brick built residential house, that needs safe demolition- we can help. Here’s the […]

What type of buildings do you demolish within the city of Cardiff?

We are a highly experienced demolition company. We have been demolishing a wide range of different buildings for over 30 years now. This could range from demolishing, let’s say, a fire-damaged steel factory, right through to demolishing a large 5-bedroom house in Cyncoed area of Cardiff. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea […]

Things to think about when choosing a demolition contractor

Date: 10/02/2024   Whether it’s a commercial or a residential building that needs demolishing, great care must be taken when demolishing the building. For example, which size excavator you plan on using, and also what demolition equipment is needed needs to be carefully considered. It’s essential to have detailed, well-written method statements and risk assessments […]

Why dust suppression is so essential on a demolition sites

    When demolishing any building, it’s absolutely essential to consider dust suppression. Dust, also known as “silica”, causes a wide range of health problems. Therefore, demolition contractors must carefully consider how they will suppress the dust that’s generated on demolition sites. Dust can be created at many different points during the demolition process. For […]

What types of excavators / diggers are used on demolition contracts?

    Every demolition contract is slightly different and therefore different excavators / diggers will be needed—such as an industrial demolition contract will often need much larger excavators. Sometimes huge high-reach excavators will be needed, sometimes a mini-digger will be needed for internal demolition, so a wide range of excavators are often needed. Therefore, the […]