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South Wales Demolition Ltd has always understood the rule that protecting the environment makes good ecological and business sense.

Since our inception we have sought not to turn a building to waste but make good on nearly all materials for resale.

We run part of our operations as a reclamation business. All materials are reclaimed from our demolition sites. We re-sale building products and materials at a reduced cost demonstrating our commitment too the environment. This far surpasses any legislative requirements for recycling and demonstrates our strong persistent attitude to protecting the environment for future generations.

Since we started we recognised the importance of crushing aggregates to site. This leaves a quality construction material on-site as well as reducing pollution of transporting stone waste off-site. We still offer that option today, it will dramatically reduce the cost of demolition. And because we own our own mobile crusher we can offer substantial savings.

If you’re interested in reclaimed items, such as stone, bricks reclaimed timber please visit our reclamation site.

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