Why steel buildings require highly experienced demolition contractors to demolish them



A lot of the Cardiff demolition that goes on every year within the city will involve dismantling and demolishing steel-framed buildings.
These need to be demolished and approached differently than how you would demolish say a building made from brick, stone and masonry.
The reason for this is that often very heavy, sections of steel will be at great height, therefore extra care needs to taken when demolishing these buildings.

The excavator needs to approach the steel building quite close, and we then use something called a metal shear, which cuts through the RSJ beam.


Demolition and factory strip-out

Sometimes, a company will take over a large warehouse, yet the previous tenant might have left vast amounts of steel racking, machinery or internal buildings that are no longer needed.

An excavator often needs to track through the roller shutter doors and then start dismantling the racking and taking all of the waste to be recycled.



Factory strip-out

We, therefore, can completely demolish and flatten the whole metal building, or we could carry out internal demolition work, simply removing plasterboard partitions, that are no longer needed, or perhaps lifting a heavy piece of cast iron machinery onto a lorry, or it may entail demolishing a breezeblock building.

We can do it all, whether the buildings made of metal, stone or brick we can demolish it for you.

Why steel buildings need extra attention when demolishing

However, the steel framework, that is used to construct the building can often be under a lot of tension, and also stress, so this is why you need a highly experienced demolition company to undertake the work.

For example, the demolition excavator often needs to be close to the building, and if the steel beams are not cut the correct way, the shear could slip, and the metal beam could fall potentially hitting the cab of an machine.

This can result in a loss of life, because the metal beams used to construct buildings are so heavy, and it’s not like a few bricks, stone or masonry simply bouncing off the cab of a machine, no a metal beam will simply crush the occupant within the excavator, so this is why extra care is needed when demolishing metal buildings.


Method statements and risk assessments

A highly experienced demolition company, like ours, based in Wales will often need to visit the demolition site, and have a walk-through and around the building. This is of course if it safe to do so.

With some fire-damaged buildings, it might be unsafe for anybody to enter say the factory. Therefore, looking at the building from a distance, a plan of work needs to be considered, then this is when the method statements are drafted.


Method statements and risk assessments

Then, detailed method statements and risk assessments must be created; and these must be written carefully with great thought going into how the steel building will be demolished.


Factory Demolition

There is a need to set out exactly how the factory will be demolished; usually, the safest way is to use a vast, perhaps even a 50-ton-plus excavator fitted with a hydraulic shear, which will cut through the metal quickly.

There are many highly experienced demolition contractors throughout the United Kingdom.

However, there is a reason why South Wales demolition Ltd are asked to demolish so many steel buildings throughout the United Kingdom.
That is simply because we have a highly experienced team of demolition managers who can advise on how the method statements and risk assessments should be written. also, sometimes the company will need to obtain advise from an external health and safety adviser as well.

Because we have demolished so many metal buildings here in Cardiff, ranging from vast and car showrooms, through to fire damaged buildings in the Valleys, which have had equipment left in the building, which is well over 10 tons in weight, often that item can’t be salvaged it, therefore, needs to be lifted by our powerful excavators.

Therefore, we have successfully demolished many steel buildings throughout the United Kingdom, transporting our excavators and a low loader to all corners of Britain to carry out our demolition work.

Our powerful excavators can be fitted to the end with a shear, so that we can cut the steel, and then another digger can lift them and load them either onto a truck or into a waste bin.

The metal is then transported to a recycling yard; often, the steel is exported worldwide.


Steel dismantling and demolition Cardiff

We offer some of the best prices to either partially demolish part of the building or take away the building entirely. We have a range of trucks, excavators, and attachments that can be used to demolish the building.


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