Why dust suppression is so essential on a demolition sites



When demolishing any building, it’s absolutely essential to consider dust suppression. Dust, also known as “silica”, causes a wide range of health problems. Therefore, demolition contractors must carefully consider how they will suppress the dust that’s generated on demolition sites.

Dust can be created at many different points during the demolition process. For example, dust can be created during the demolition phase, when lorries are being loaded, or the stone, rubble and bricks are being loaded into what’s called the “hopper” of a jaw crusher.

The good news is that whatever company is undertaking the demolition, whether it be a house demolition or a vast factory, there is a lot of demolition equipment to make the suppression an absolute piece of cake. There are now water cannons which can blast water high up into the air, making it easy to suppress the dust.



How do demolition contractors suppress dust on demolition sites?

Well, in the past, demolition contractors have sometimes used redundant and old fire engines. This is quite effective. However, as more and more quality demolition equipment has become available and is made by various manufacturers, and many companies now manufacture specialist water cannons.

These water cannons can shoot water high into the air and produce a fine mist.

When you consider on demolition sites, a wide variety of dust can be put into the air.

For example, it could be fibreglass, it could be dust when breaking stone or concrete, or it could even be dust created by woodworms that have eat away at all the roof rafters causing fine wood dust.

Therefore, these water cannons are needed to blast water into the air to suppress all of that dust.

Demolition contractors must use dust suppression on demolition contracts, not just in built-up areas but all on all demolition contracts.

Even if there’s a demolition, say, of a factory, and let’s say the building is in a countryside location, so there are not many residential houses nearby, dust suppression should still be used even if the Cardiff demolition contract, is not in a built-up area.

Dust suppression is not just needed to help protect the general public from the dust. It’s also to help protect the workers on the demolition site as well.

Whether it’s the labourers, the demolition excavator drivers, or perhaps the people who watch the crusher to make sure there are no blockages in the hopper, they will need dust suppression so that the demolition staff does not breathe in the dust as well.



Have you demolished many buildings?

Yes, we have demolished many structures and buildings. This could range from simply taking down a galvanised steel chimney to demolishing a giant factory or demolishing a single residential house.

It’s essential to consider what type of dust suppression is needed on all of these demolition contracts.

We have vast experience demolishing a massive range of different buildings.

If you have any questions about our demolition services, why not give us a call? We will be happy to help you.