What types of excavators / diggers are used on demolition contracts?



Every demolition contract is slightly different and therefore different excavators / diggers will be needed—such as an industrial demolition contract will often need much larger excavators. Sometimes huge high-reach excavators will be needed, sometimes a mini-digger will be needed for internal demolition, so a wide range of excavators are often needed.

Therefore, the demolition company must carefully select suitable excavators, the use the correct size machine is important, and ensures that we safely demolish the building.

Whether the building is huge hotel or a house, we have the demolition excavators to demolish any type of building. We use Hitachi excavators, these are brilliant and powerful machines.

Once equipped with the right demolition attachments, we can demolish any type of building.


Commercial demolition

We have demolished a vast range of buildings, ranging from steel warehouses / factories through to houses. Therefore, we need to use a range of different excavators, ranging from 10-ton machines, up to 50-ton excavators.

Therefore, we use various excavators, whether the Cardiff demolition requires a huge building to be demolished, such as a large factory, a warehouse, or a light industrial unit- here at South Wales Demolition Ltd, we can safely demolish any building.

Therefore, the different types of machines we can use are:

– Kubota mini-diggers
– JCB 3CX machines
– Large 30 ton machines
– Crushers


Different demolition attachments

Depending on the demolition contract, different demolition attachments need to be used.

Therefore demolition companies use the following demolition attachments:

– 360 Rotar grabs
– Hydraulic hammers
– Steel shears
– Crusher buckets


High reach demolition

Sometimes, a building will be so tall that a demolition machine, called a “high-reach excavator”, will be needed. Made by companies such as Kobelco or Hitachi, and there are many other manufacturers as well, these machines are very powerful.

Fitted with a huge arm, they can reach the top of most buildings, helping to safely demolish the building.

Then once the concrete has hit the ground, often it’s in small pieces. If it’s not, then a smaller excavator will be needed, fitted with what’s called a hydraulic hammer; this will hit the concrete and break it into smaller pieces.

Then the concrete rubble can finally get fed through a jaw crusher, then the hardcore can stay on the demolition site, ready for the construction company to use it in the foundations of the new building.



Whether it’s an industrial, commercial, or domestic demolition contract, different jaw crushers will be suited to crushing certain different types of buildings.

Crushing has become massively popular with demolition contractors, and construction companies alike

The reason is the building can be crushed, and the hardcore can stay on the demolition site.

This way the hardcore can be used again when constructing the foundations of the new building.

Less lorries are therefore used to transport the stone waste away. Less diesel is also burnt, as less lorries are used, which is good for the environment.

If its a single house that’s being demolished in Wales, then a small crusher could be used. On a large industrial contact, a more larger crusher is often used.

For example, some crushers could easily exceed over 100 tonnes in weight; this might be a quarry crusher, for example, they could crush a massive amount of concrete, brick or stone per hour.


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