The different types of buildings that we demolish within the Cardiff area


At any one time, there are various buildings being demolished within the city of Cardiff in South Wales. From large steel buildings, such as car show rooms, through to streets of housing that need to be demolished, for better for energy efficient housing to be built in its place. Therefore, demolition contractors Cardiff, are always in strong demand.


Demolition management that has 40+ years’ experience.

When it comes to demolition management, we have managers that could quite literally right the book on how to demolish buildings. Whether it’s a large car show room, buildings made of concrete or brick, our managers will know how to safely demolish the building. Which type of machine should be used.


We specialise in demolishing steel buildings, such as factories and warehouses

Steel buildings need to be demolished in a different way from brick-built structures, such as houses.
The reason for this is, steel buildings are very strong, and the steel needs to be cut, it requires cutting via using propane, oxygen or it can be cut using a shear, which is attached to an excavator.

The shear can then cut the sections of steel, and cut the RSJs into manageable sections of metal, which can be loaded onto lorries, and taken away.

Often large excavators are needed for this type of Cardiff demolition, for example, often 30+ ton machines, which have the power to cut through the steel, often cutting large angle iron, RSJs, and also metal beams in seconds.

This metal can then be taken to a local scrap yard for recycling. We specialise in steel demolition, whether that’s demolishing a warehouse, a factory or a light industrial unit.



We demolish steel buildings, right throughout South Wales.

Internal demolition

Its sometimes the case, that the owner of say a large factory, doesn’t want the whole building demolished, using large high-reach excavators.

Sometimes, instead, the owners may want say an old piece of machinery, metal racking, or let’s say an internal building demolished.
Often this work needs to carried out over a weekend, such as during a bank holiday, so the noise and vibration doesn’t affect the business when it is open, and say manufacturing items.

We have the demolition equipment, the excavators, the staff, to demolish any type of metal building.


Do you need to hire a demolition contractor?

If you need to hire a demolition contractor in Cardiff, to demolish anything from houses, through to factories, why not call us. With a range of Hitachi excavators, we can demolish any type of building, as well as producing the method statements and risk assessments.
We also travel right throughout the U.K demolishing steel buildings, such as fire damaged warehouses, light industrial units, and huge factories, that require large excavators to safely dismantle the building.


We offer some of the best prices to demolish steel buildings

We can demolish steel buildings, separating the non-ferrous, and ferrous metals, we can use a range of Hitachi excavators, which can range from 14 ton to over 30 ton.

We travel throughout the United Kingdom, demolishing steel buildings, whether the structure needs to be cut into sections by a burner, that’s a person who uses oxygen and propane to carefully cut the steel into sections, then the sections of steel, can get loaded onto a lorry.

Sometimes the building will need to cut into sections, via use of a metal shear, the excavator can pull down the steal RSJ’s, then using a shear, the metal can be cut into sections, then loaded into recycling bins, where the scrap is taken to a local metal recycling yard, where the non-ferrous, can be sorted from the ferrous metals, and sent for recycling,


Metal recycling here in South Wales.

Our company can therefore demolish steel buildings, we can take tons of metal to a scrap yard, so that all of the metal can get recycled.
The metal then is often made into new cars, washing machines, or even tin cans, for baked beans!

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