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Demolition Contractors in Cardiff and South Wales.

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Demolition a costly business ? we allow our customers to take a different approach in Cardiff to there demolition,, without sacrificing on health and safety and quality of workmanship. We simply offer a demolition operation that is efficient and run by a Director who has over 30 years in the business. So we would argue demolition does not have to be a costly business, run by the right management who slim down year on year overheads, then you are looking at obtaining cost savings that are our main competitive advantage.


Talk to Ryan, years of knowledge in the industry, trained estimator and can travel to any contract at short notice. Contact Ryan today. 07866043059



You have reached the home of South Wales Demolition Ltd, a demolition contractor in Cardiff with over 30 years experience and knowledge in all forms of demolition.


Within Cardiff and Swansea we have a Estimator, who is available at any time to cost demolition contracts. Ryan can be reached on 07866043059 or


South Wales Demolition, would state their main selling points are




They have years of experience and have dismantled and demolished everything ranging from a small garage to large buildings in Cardiff such as factories and large warehouse type constructions.

2)      The company has the ability to demolish anything ranging in value from £100 pound to 10 million and over.

3)       . Demolition work can range from a single house right upto large site clearance contracts involving many machines and many skilled site operatives,



House Demolition in Cardiff, Swansea and The Vale Of Glamorgan


We South Wales Demolition for over the  years have offered domestic house and bungalow demolition services in Cardiff. We have demolished residential buildings ranging from taking down party walls, to demolishing whole streets. We can demolish anything in Cardiff and offer some of the best rates on offer in Wales for house Demolition. Talk to Ryan on 07866043059 if we can arrange a meeting to discuss your next demolition contract being undertaken in South Wales.


Site Clearance Contractors in Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys


We undertake site clearance and factory demolition in Cardiff. We have a director who has demolished many factory buildings across the landscape of Wales, we have been behind some large steel factory building site clearance projects. As a result of the massive demand for our demolition services.

We offer our site clearance services and factory demolition services in the following areas..


Factory Demolition contractors, and demolition companies in Rhondda Cynon Taf.


We will undertake demolition and dismantling in Taffs Well, Rhondda Cynon Taf or anywhere the South Wales Valleys. We undertake demolition work in Aberdare and we will consider any size contract. No matter its value we will offer the best rates and customer service.


Demolition Contractors and dismantling experts in Merthyr Tydfil


For many years now we have undertaken demolition work in Merthyr Tydfil, these contracts range in size and complexity but we offer the best service around.


Swansea Demolition Contractors and Companies
October - 13 - 2012






We South Wales Demolition are a first rate demolition

contractor in Newport, South Wales.


“For the best rates on domestic, commercial and industrial demolition in Newport contact a demolition company with   years of experience ! contact Ryan the senior estimator for South Wales Demolition” Family run and managed for   years means customer service is second to none and we can deliver a first rate service to our Newport and Gwent Clients.

Please contact Ryan on 078 660 430 59 or we can often cost demolition contracts in Newport the very next day.


We have years of experience,  that allows us to offer good value for money to our clients in Newport.


South Wales Demolition Ltd, has carried out major and minor demolition works throughout Newport. The demolition Company has carried our factory demolition and house demolition works in Newport. The demolition company has vast experience in demolition and dismantling,


The types of demolition work South Wales Demolition Ltd undertakes in Newport are:


Site Clearance work

Factory Demolition

House Demolition

Garage Removal


Factory Strip out work



South Wales Demolition Ltd,


Newport Demolition Companies


We have the experience to ensure a demolition contract is run safely and to set time scales in Newport. If you would like to consider us for a contract in Newport then please contact or Ryan on 07866043059


Newport Demolition


We South Wales Demolition Ltd, will carry out any demolition work in the Newport area of South Wales. We carry out work ranging as far as demolishing garages right through to taking down of office blocks. We are multi skilled as we can demolish small structures and buildings in Newport but we can also demolish very large structures in city centre locations, that high lights how diverse we are a company and the spectrum of work we undertake.


Newport and Gwent Dismantling and Demolition Company


Being around for  years means we have some expert knowledge, this knowledge is called upon Nationwide, as we can safely dismantle, or reverse engineer some of the most complicated of structures in Wales and the UK.






We can also demolish warehouses and other commercial buildings. We offer the best rates in industrial demolition as we are equipped and experienced in this area of demolition.




July - 12 - 2012

Demolition Contractors in Bath

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We have demolished many domestic and commercial structures within Bath. For a demolition contractor who will save you money on your next demolition contract in Bath then contact South Wales Demolition Ltd.


We offer our demolition and dismantling skills in the following areas within Bath


  • Factory, shop, retail unit, steel demolition contractors in Bath
  • We will demolish any form of house in Bath, or bungalow in Bath
  • We offer site clearance services, for disused factories or offices
  • Reclamation service
  • Dismantling services,
  • House Demolition Contractors in Bath


Call today on 078 660 430 59 and talk to Ryan, our full time estimator who can offer quotes quickly and in person any where in the Bath region and the whole of Wales and the South West of England.




Site Clearance / Demolition Contractors in Bristol and Swindon


Our Directors have  years of experience in the demolition sector, this means that we have the knowledge the expertise to offer our commercial clients in Bristol and Swindon great value and great professional advice when undertaking your next demolition contracts.


Are you sure you have received a reasonable quote on your demolition contract in Bristol and Swindon ? Contact Ryan on 078 660 430 59 or see if we can beat your quote.


What makes South Wales Demolition Ltd a good choice in the demolition sector in Bristol and the South West ?


  • In House Health and safety team, –which audit every contract and ensure we adhere to high standards of workmanship.

July - 12 - 2012

Demolition Bristol

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South Wales Demolition Ltd, are an experienced and highly competent dismantling and Demolition Company which offers its service’s to the whole of the South West Region.  We are able to demolish and dismantle anything from a small domestic structure right up to large industrial site clearance type contracts all over the Bristol and South West area.

Please contact Ryan Christopher our Full Time Estimator, who can cost contracts in person with little notice. Contact today on

Tel : 078 660 43059      


As an experienced contractor we understand all forms of demolition and offer a total solution to your demolition requirements in the  Bristol area. We also cover Bath and Swindon and we will consider any size demolition contract.

An example of our demolition and dismantling services offered to our clients in Bristol are as follows.

  1. Light Industrial unit demolition – we offer great quotations in this area of demolition within Bristol, if you have a quote why not contact us and see if we can beat it sometimes we do so substantially.
  2. Commercial demolition contractors in Bristol, we demolish steel buildings, factories including gutting and strip-out works, factory dismantling, warehouse removal,  and office demolition
  3. Site Clearance contractors in Bristol who offer a demolition service on any scale building.

  4. House Demolition
  5. Bungalow Demolition
  6. Garage Demolition and Dismantling, at a reasonable cost all over Bristol we cover the South West and offer very competitive rates for all forms of domestic demolition.



Site Clearance in Bristol


South Wales Demolition, for tens of years have been removing industrial type buildings and clearing the way for re-development opportunities all over Wales and the South West of England.


The company offers very fair and reasonable rates in regards to demolition in Bristol of factories or industrial units, the company stands by a clear costing strategy which its large client base knows will be a fixed and fair rate for work undertaken.


The demolition company understands that every contract undertaken in Bristol needs to be done so with high levels of consideration paid to health and safety and the environment. This is why the company has invested in methods of operation that allow the demolition contractor to excel in this area. Our stance on health and safety and how we are helping to protect the environment are all available for our clients to view and see how we implement into action across our demolition contracts that have taken place or are under way across Bristol currently.


We are the experts in site clearance and steel demolition in Bristol so contact an experienced and highly regarded demolition contractor today on


078 660 430 59



House Demolition Contractors in Bath, and Bristol


We started our operations in Cardiff where we began as a demolition contractor who mainly undertook the demolition of domestic houses. Since then we have grown and diversified into new markets but we still offer great value to our customers when choosing to demolish their houses with South Wales Demolition Ltd.


We demolish certain forms of houses in Bristol and the Bath district from only £3,800 !


Get in touch today with Ryan Christopher our mobile estimator in the South West, who can get a demolition quote back to you quickly. We demolish any domestic building, garages, houses, bungalows, dismantling, and the demolition and removal of extensions.


Ryan Mobile : 078 660 430 59

July - 7 - 2012

Demolition Companies in Bristol & Bath


Contact 078 660 430 59 and ask for Ryan Christopher our Senior Estimator or

South Wales Demolition Ltd, with   of demolition experience are the experts choice for choosing a skilled demolition contractor in Bristol and the South West areas.

Operating a range of equipment from small scale demolition excavators to large 45 ton Volvo machinery .  

South Wales Demolition Ltd, also operate in Swindon, Bath and Bristol offering the following services:

Call 078 660 430 59 today and ask for Ryan, who can quickly cost any demolition or dismantling contract often within a short amount of time.

  • Site Clearance and Factory demolition in the Bristol district, as well as the full range of dismantling services.

  • Domestic Demolition Bristol
  • House Demolition and Bungalow removal in Bristol area
  • We operate a full demolition service spanning the whole of the South West. We specialise in commercial steel demolition and offer these services in Bath and Swindon as well as Bristol
  • Steel Cutting
  • Small Demolition contracts, garages, extensions and houses. We offer the best rates in Bristol.
  • Garage Removal in Bristol
  • Shed / Green House removal
  • Large scale demolition, of warehouses, storage facilities, steel works, former industrial sites and all manner of commercial buildings and structures.
  • House Demolishers Bristol, Bath and Swindon

  • House Removal Bristol


 Site Clearance Contractors Bristol & Swindon

Over the years South Wales Demolition ltd has constructed a strong reputation and relationship with its clients for providing a first class site clearance service.

In Bristol we have a range of excellent equipment and the man power to undertake the largest of site clearance contracts. In the past we have demolished vast aches of commercial structures and have worked for some high-profile companies who have trusted us to aid in the re-development of their sites.


Quickly and efficiently we undertake site clearance contracts in Bristol, Contact Ryan today on 078 660 430 59 to obtain a quote in a short space of time. Or alternatively contact

 Domestic Demolition Houses, Bungalows in Bristol

We South Wales Demolition Ltd are experts in demolishing and removing any form of domestic building or structure. We are competitively priced on removing houses, in Bristol as well as the very small forms of demolition such as green houses, garages, or even Garden walls.

Call Ryan 078 660430 59 today to discuss your next demolition or dismantling contract in the Bristol region.

Factory Demolition Bristol

We have taken down some large and complicated factory structures in the past, this now equips us with the working knowledge and equipment to save you money

Contact  078 660 430 59 or for more information.

We carry out factory strip out and gutting work as well as demolishing redundant structures in Bristol at the best rates.

 .  We can negotiate on some steel contracts to demolish the structure at a low cost or to even in certain instances demolish steel buildings for free if the structure is the right form.

Factory and Warehouse demolition specialists. We offer our services across the city of Bristol.


  • Low Cost Demolition contractors Bristol

  • Small demolition firms Bristol

  • House demolition

  • Demolishing a house in Bristol

  • Steel recycling Bristol

  • Steel removal Bristol