How are various building materials recycled on demolition sites?




Each and every year a wide range of different buildings are demolished right across the city of Cardiff. From hospitals, through to just a simple humble garage require demolition, and then all of the waste will need to be recycled.

We demolish everything from Victorian houses through hospitals

Every month, we demolish a wide range of buildings, ranging from Victorian house, but that’s mostly made of brick and stone. On the other end of the spectrum, could be a large concrete-built building that requires what’s called a “hydraulic hammer” to keep striking the concrete until its broken into pieces.



Helping to protect the environment

As more people rightly focus on protecting our amazing and great planet, protecting the environment and the eco-system is of huge importance, so is now a much greater emphasis now more than ever to recycle building materials, such as stone, brick and plastics.

So how are building materials recycled on demolition sites?

The vast majority of the buildings, but that we demolish within the city of Cardiff in South Wales, as well as right throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, will include buildings that have a large amount of stone, brick, plastics rubber within the building, there’s also likely to be a lot of timber as well.



How is timber recycled?

Timber within a building, is often found within the wooden floorboards, within the structural timbers which make up the roof joists, batons and timber beams as well as also within the walls sometimes as well.

Wood is often recycled in a few different ways; we think that the best way is to salvage the timber, that’s so it can be reused. Even if the wood is given away for free, yet goes on to be used within a home for perhaps the next 100 years, well, that’s great way of helping to protect our planet, as less trees will need to be cut down.


Why not purchase timber from a Cardiff reclamation yard?

The timber can then be sold to say a reclamation yard, such as a reclamation yard in Cardiff, where it can go on to be reused, for example the floorboards could perhaps go into another property, and they could be therefore around another hundred years?

The alternative, is to send the timber to a recycling facility, such as a biomass / wood recycling facility whereby it often put through a machine and made into wood chips.

The wood chips can then be made into biomass, which helps to generate electricity.


How is stone and masonry and bricks recycled?

Bricks and also the stone can be 100% recycled, they can be put through something called a “jaw crusher”– this is a brilliant machine, whereby you feed at one end stone and bricks, and out of the other end flow what is called, crushed hard-core.

This can be reused as the base for roads, it can also often be used within the foundations, of new buildings.


What happens to the plastics?

Within a building can be quite a lot of plastics, for example plastics can be within the UPVC windows and doors.

On top of that there could be also plastics which are used in the soffit boards of the house.

What’s great is that UPVC doors and also the windows can be easily recycled, this plastic is often used to make new windows and doors.


Non-ferrous and ferrous metal recycling

Throughout a house there will be quite a lot of ferrous and also nonferrous metals, such as lead, copper and aluminium.

For example, there is often a lot of copper pipework used throughout the house, as well as sometimes copper hot water tanks, to help keep it warm through the homes central heating system.

Then you will also have a lot of ferrous metals, for example you will also have a lot of steel that is sometimes used within the guttering, it might be used also for some RSJ beams as well.


Demolition within Cardiff

We have demolished many properties, such as houses within the city of Cardiff, this could range from say very large 5-bedroom Victorian houses, that made from brick and also stone.

We have also demolished much more modern properties, for example a house that might’ve been built fairly recently within the 1980s, so the house might not that old, yet an architect may advise that it’s best to be demolished, that’s if you want a house to have a totally different internal layouts inside and for the building to be heavily extended.

Sometimes its more cost effective, to demolish and rebuild a new property.

What’s great about picking our company, is that we will aim to recycle as much of the waste as we possibly can, either through using jaw crushers or perhaps simply taking the wood, to timber recycling facility.

We are also one of Cardiff’s most established and also respected demolition and site clearance companies, we have a large range of different excavators, we have a fleet of Hitachi excavators, which are perfectly suited to safely demolishing any type of building within the city.

We can demolish anything, perhaps it’s a large fire damaged warehouse, that is incurred a lot of damage through a large fire which may have partially collapsed the roof?

The heat might have been so intense, during the fire in a warehouse, that it might have actually bent the steels within the building.

Then, we can also demolish residential housing as well, we also offer free and competitive prices throughout the city.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company to undertake any of the following work why not give us a ring?


  • Residential Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Steel Demolition
  • Metal Recycling
  • Nonferrous and Ferrous Metal Recycling


We are one of Cardiff’s most established demolition contractors, when you hire us, we will safely demolish the building, and we will also aim to recycle as much of the building as possible.

So, if you are looking for established demolition company why not call us today?


We also specialise in steel demolition.

We demolish commercial, residential and industrial buildings within Wales

We aim to recycle as much of the waste, as we possibly can. We aim to recycle steel, brick and also wood.



The different types of buildings that we demolish within the Cardiff area


At any one time, there are various buildings being demolished within the city of Cardiff in South Wales. From large steel buildings, such as car show rooms, through to streets of housing that need to be demolished, for better for energy efficient housing to be built in its place. Therefore, demolition contractors Cardiff, are always in strong demand.


Demolition management that has 40+ years’ experience.

When it comes to demolition management, we have managers that could quite literally right the book on how to demolish buildings. Whether it’s a large car show room, buildings made of concrete or brick, our managers will know how to safely demolish the building. Which type of machine should be used.


We specialise in demolishing steel buildings, such as factories and warehouses

Steel buildings need to be demolished in a different way from brick-built structures, such as houses.
The reason for this is, steel buildings are very strong, and the steel needs to be cut, it requires cutting via using propane, oxygen or it can be cut using a shear, which is attached to an excavator.

The shear can then cut the sections of steel, and cut the RSJs into manageable sections of metal, which can be loaded onto lorries, and taken away.

Often large excavators are needed for this type of Cardiff demolition, for example, often 30+ ton machines, which have the power to cut through the steel, often cutting large angle iron, RSJs, and also metal beams in seconds.

This metal can then be taken to a local scrap yard for recycling. We specialise in steel demolition, whether that’s demolishing a warehouse, a factory or a light industrial unit.



We demolish steel buildings, right throughout South Wales.

Internal demolition

Its sometimes the case, that the owner of say a large factory, doesn’t want the whole building demolished, using large high-reach excavators.

Sometimes, instead, the owners may want say an old piece of machinery, metal racking, or let’s say an internal building demolished.
Often this work needs to carried out over a weekend, such as during a bank holiday, so the noise and vibration doesn’t affect the business when it is open, and say manufacturing items.

We have the demolition equipment, the excavators, the staff, to demolish any type of metal building.


Do you need to hire a demolition contractor?

If you need to hire a demolition contractor in Cardiff, to demolish anything from houses, through to factories, why not call us. With a range of Hitachi excavators, we can demolish any type of building, as well as producing the method statements and risk assessments.
We also travel right throughout the U.K demolishing steel buildings, such as fire damaged warehouses, light industrial units, and huge factories, that require large excavators to safely dismantle the building.


We offer some of the best prices to demolish steel buildings

We can demolish steel buildings, separating the non-ferrous, and ferrous metals, we can use a range of Hitachi excavators, which can range from 14 ton to over 30 ton.

We travel throughout the United Kingdom, demolishing steel buildings, whether the structure needs to be cut into sections by a burner, that’s a person who uses oxygen and propane to carefully cut the steel into sections, then the sections of steel, can get loaded onto a lorry.

Sometimes the building will need to cut into sections, via use of a metal shear, the excavator can pull down the steal RSJ’s, then using a shear, the metal can be cut into sections, then loaded into recycling bins, where the scrap is taken to a local metal recycling yard, where the non-ferrous, can be sorted from the ferrous metals, and sent for recycling,


Metal recycling here in South Wales.

Our company can therefore demolish steel buildings, we can take tons of metal to a scrap yard, so that all of the metal can get recycled.
The metal then is often made into new cars, washing machines, or even tin cans, for baked beans!

Hire an experienced demolition company

If you are looking for a local demolition company, then why not call us?

How we safely dismantle and demolish steel buildings



Right across the United Kingdom, a large number of steel framed buildings, will often need to be demolished and dismantled every year by various demolition companies.

This is often because a company or landlord has bought the site, therefore they might need to build a larger factory or warehouse on that same site.

Therefore, the old building, that is the factory might not large enough for the new company that has bought that site.


If you need the following buildings demolished, we can help:

– Steel factories
– Warehouses
– Steel framed buildings


How do you demolish a steel building?

First of all, an asbestos report will be needed.

Therefore, first of all an asbestos company will need to go out and visit the demolition site and to carry out an asbestos survey to sea if there is any asbestos within the building.

Therefore before any demolition work can be carried out, and before any demolition excavators start working, the asbestos will need to be fully removed from the building in its entirety.


Health and safety method statements and risk assessments

The next stage is to create health and safety method statements and risk assessments these will need to be created.

A detailed demolition method statement will need to be created, which gives step-by-step instructions for the site management to follow.

It should detail everything from the excavators that will be used, right through to how the demolition company will prevent noise from disturbing the local residents during the demolition process.


The next stage would then be to consider dust suppression

When you are demolishing any type of building, whether it be a residential house or perhaps a large factory, normally a lot of dust will be created during the demolition process.

When you consider an old factory that needs to be demolished, the steel sheets, or the steel beams, on the steel angle iron will often have a lot of dust, built upon the steel building during years that the building was used to manufacture goods.


How do you manage dust during the demolition process?

If a large excavator was to come along and start to rip off all of those exterior metal sheets, then dust is likely to escape into the air, causing health issues and also a nuisance to the local area, such as the local residents would see a mass of dust blowing over and into their properties.


Dust suppression

Therefore dust suppression equipment will need to be brought into the demolition site, this could be a water cannon, or even a old fire engine can be used, which puts a huge jet of water into the air to help reduce the amount of airborne dust and also pollutants that are caused by the demolition process.


Next, it’s time to bring in the demolition excavators

Depending on the size of the steel building, will dictate what demolition excavators need to be used.

For example, for a single story steel building, sometimes it’s perfectly sufficient to use a 14 ton excavator fitted with a rotor grab fitted to a machine such as a Hitachi excavator.

Then it’s time to start taking down the building, but sometimes a 14-ton machine won’t be enough, sometimes a larger excavator is needed such as a high reach excavator.


What is a high reach excavator?

For those that do not know a “high reach excavator” is, well its simply an excavator that is normally around 70 tons in weight or above, it has a huge arm, rendering it capable of reaching the top of some tower blocks, steel framed buildings, as well as also other types of structures as well such as bridges for example.



Then it’s time for the demolition work to begin, and this normally starts with taking off the steel sheets, which clad the outside of the building.

This is often done through use of a rotor grab, fitted to a Hitachi demolition excavator, which can rotate 360° and grab the steel sheets, and place them in a steel recycling bin.

There is time to start cutting the structural steels, normally a shear is used for this, a sheer will cut the steel angle iron, and snip into bits.

Then it’s time to bring in the shear so that it can start cut the RS J beams and cut these into sections, and either place these on to an 8-wheeler lorry, or a large recycling skip.


We can demolish steel buildings anywhere within the United Kingdom

If you need a steel building demolished in the U.K then why not give us a ring? We have the demolition excavators and we have the staff with the expert knowledge to safely demolish any type of steel building.


Do you demolish factories and fire damaged commercial buildings?



Often, a steel building, such as a car showroom made of steel, will need to be dismantled and demolished to make way for a larger building to be built in its place. We have demolished countless steel buildings within Wales, we can cut up each section of the RSG, and take the steel for recycling.


Here’s why so many of valued clients in Wales have hire us to demolish their commercial building:

– We have a highly experienced team of demolition experts
– We have many demolition excavators
– We have experience of demolishing factories
– We can offer site clearance services
– We cover a huge area, from Cardiff, through to Exeter
– We can sometimes offer a quote very quickly


Do you demolish fire damaged buildings?

Sometimes industrial buildings can incur fire damaged, and therefore need a highly experienced demolition company like ours, equipped with the right demolition equipment, to safely demolish the building.

We have also demolished many fire damaged buildings within Bristol as well, as well as also right across South Wales we demolished factories, warehouses, fire damaged light industrial units.
Have you demolished many steel buildings in the past?

Yes, we most certainly have, we demolish redundant factories, car showrooms and also light industrial units.

Some of these commercial buildings have incurred fire damaged right throughout the building, and therefore we were hired as the demolition contractor of choice, because we are so highly experienced that we are able to safely demolish steel building in a short period of time. Then all of the non-ferrous, and the ferrous metals, such as the steel, we can take to a scrap yard, so all the steel can be recycled.


Do you have large demolition excavators?

Sometimes there is very heavy pieces of machinery, made of cast iron, which require extra-large are excavators to lift the heavy sections of steel. We like Hitachi excavators, and we can use a Hitachi excavator to lift the heavy steel for you.


How do you safely demolish a steel building or a fire damaged building?

We have very large Hitachi excavators, and on the end of the excavator will be demolition attachment which is known in the demolition industry as a shear.

It’s the shears job to cut through the steel, as easy as a hot knife through butter.

Therefore, the steel then get cut into small sections, so it’s much easier for another excavator, made by Hitachi also, to come along and safely lift the steel and load each section of steel onto the back of a lorry to take it for recycling.


Metal recycling

The steel then ends up at a metal recycling facility, where is often sold and shipped across the world, and often made into new items such as washing machines or even a new car.

Therefore often when we are demolishing a steel framed building, it’s great to know that sometimes close to 100% of building can actually be demolished and then recycled.


Metal recycling

We can demolish an entire building, yet what we can also do, if the building doesn’t need recycling, is to bring in a smaller excavator into a factory and we can then dismantle any unwanted machinery within the building and take it for recycling.

So for example you might have a huge and very heavy printing press, yet this piece of machinery is redundant and no longer used therefore taking up space within your factory.

We can bring in excavators which can safely dismantle this piece of unwanted machinery, we can place it into recycling skips, the skips are then taken to a local scrap yard.


Fire damaged buildings

Fire damaged buildings, which need to be demolished, require extra level of care and attention when demolishing them with a large excavator.

The reason for this is, steel sheets that are applied to the outside, could be hanging on a thread, therefore the building needs to be demolished slowly and carefully.

Also the heat from the fire, could have warped and damaged the steel RSG’s, therefore sometimes with the slightest of pushes, from a large excavator, and the whole building might come tumbling down.


Steel framed buildings

We actually specialise in demolishing steel framed buildings, we have a team, and excavators which travel right across the South-West of England, so Bristol and Bath areas, as well as across South Wales demolishing many steel buildings. Often these are steel framed buildings, which need to be demolished because the site is being reused by a different company, and often a much larger steel building is being placed on the site.

Demolition Cardiff

If you are looking for a highly experienced demolition contractor, that can demolish everything from brick, stone and steel buildings then look no further than our company.

Demolition companies Cardiff- what type of building can you demolish?


We can demolish the following types of buildings within, Cardiff South Wales

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Retail units
  • Houses
  • Garages
  • We specialise in steel/ metal recycling and demolition within Cardiff.


We also offer site clearance services.


Across the United Kingdom there will be companies which specialise in different types of demolition, for example some companies might specialise in demolishing just gas tanks up and down Wales. For example, a Cardiff demolition company, may have a demolition contract to remove petrol and diesel tanks, for a large company.

Our demolition company, South Wales Demolition Ltd, is based within the city of Cardiff, we take on a wide range of different demolition contracts, ranging from demolishing single brick houses, through to commercial buildings, such as car showrooms which are often made of steel beams.

Therefore we have the demolition equipment (Hitachi and Doosan machines), we also have rotor grab’s, and large excavators to demolish steel buildings, and then to take all of that waste for recycling to a scrapyard.

Steel demolition / Metal Recycling in Wales



Our company specialises, in steel demolition. We can demolish steel buildings, and take for recycling non-ferrous, and ferrous metals. If you have a steel framed building, which needs demolishing why not call us?

Demolition of small buildings

You might be looking for a local demolition company, which can demolish say a brick or concrete garage, or you might be looking for a company that can demolish a small outbuilding, for example you might have a building that was once used to house your security guards at the entrance of the building.

So, we can demolish small buildings, ranging from wooden sheds right through to demolishing a small buildings and structures, such as a steel silos or a steel tank, that may not be so heavily rusted, that it needs demolishing.


House demolition

You might be looking for a company which can demolish a house, we have demolished many houses not just in the city of Cardiff, but also in the surrounding areas as well, for example every year demolish many houses in the Vale of Glamorgan, for example in Cowbridge, and Penarth as well as also in Barry.

Commercial Demolition

We also demolish a lot of commercial buildings in Wales, often these buildings made from steel, and therefore require a demolition contractor that has a steel shear, and the cutting gear, that is using oxygen and propane, to cut the steel into sections. We have a huge amount of experience of demolishing industrial as well as also commercial buildings.

This can range from a single gas tank, right through to demolishing commercial buildings, such as steel frames buildings, such as car showrooms, retail building or perhaps even a factory.

We don’t just offer to demolish the whole structure, often we are called to bring in a small excavator, such as a 14-ton excavator fitted with a rotor grab, to clear the contents of the building. For example, this might be a factory, or it might be a warehouse, we are asked to take out all of the steel racking, redundant machinery and perhaps conveyor belts as well which will once use to manufacture food for example.

Demolition companies in Wales


We are one of the longest established demolition companies in the whole of Wales, we have demolished many buildings throughout South Wales, ranging from huge warehouses through to residential buildings.




We have the experience and also the equipment to safely demolish any type of building, as mentioned in this article we can demolish anything from a garage right up to a large car showroom for example.

So, we have the demolition excavators ranging from 10 ton up to 30 ton, which have shears to cut through steel.

Demolition Cardiff

If you are therefore looking for a demolition contractor, which can demolish any type of building, from a house through to a large steel framed warehouse, we can demolish it all. We have site managers, which now have over 30 years’ experience demolishing buildings, that is residential buildings as well as commercial buildings. In their careers there safely demolish car showrooms, they have demolished houses as well as also other types of steel buildings such as factory units which have incurred fire damage.

Therefore, if you are looking for a local demolition company, why not give us a ring?