How we safely dismantle and demolish steel buildings



Right across the United Kingdom, a large number of steel framed buildings, will often need to be demolished and dismantled every year by various demolition companies.

This is often because a company or landlord has bought the site, therefore they might need to build a larger factory or warehouse on that same site.

Therefore, the old building, that is the factory might not large enough for the new company that has bought that site.


If you need the following buildings demolished, we can help:

– Steel factories
– Warehouses
– Steel framed buildings


How do you demolish a steel building?

First of all, an asbestos report will be needed.

Therefore, first of all an asbestos company will need to go out and visit the demolition site and to carry out an asbestos survey to sea if there is any asbestos within the building.

Therefore before any demolition work can be carried out, and before any demolition excavators start working, the asbestos will need to be fully removed from the building in its entirety.


Health and safety method statements and risk assessments

The next stage is to create health and safety method statements and risk assessments these will need to be created.

A detailed demolition method statement will need to be created, which gives step-by-step instructions for the site management to follow.

It should detail everything from the excavators that will be used, right through to how the demolition company will prevent noise from disturbing the local residents during the demolition process.


The next stage would then be to consider dust suppression

When you are demolishing any type of building, whether it be a residential house or perhaps a large factory, normally a lot of dust will be created during the demolition process.

When you consider an old factory that needs to be demolished, the steel sheets, or the steel beams, on the steel angle iron will often have a lot of dust, built upon the steel building during years that the building was used to manufacture goods.


How do you manage dust during the demolition process?

If a large excavator was to come along and start to rip off all of those exterior metal sheets, then dust is likely to escape into the air, causing health issues and also a nuisance to the local area, such as the local residents would see a mass of dust blowing over and into their properties.


Dust suppression

Therefore dust suppression equipment will need to be brought into the demolition site, this could be a water cannon, or even a old fire engine can be used, which puts a huge jet of water into the air to help reduce the amount of airborne dust and also pollutants that are caused by the demolition process.


Next, it’s time to bring in the demolition excavators

Depending on the size of the steel building, will dictate what demolition excavators need to be used.

For example, for a single story steel building, sometimes it’s perfectly sufficient to use a 14 ton excavator fitted with a rotor grab fitted to a machine such as a Hitachi excavator.

Then it’s time to start taking down the building, but sometimes a 14-ton machine won’t be enough, sometimes a larger excavator is needed such as a high reach excavator.


What is a high reach excavator?

For those that do not know a “high reach excavator” is, well its simply an excavator that is normally around 70 tons in weight or above, it has a huge arm, rendering it capable of reaching the top of some tower blocks, steel framed buildings, as well as also other types of structures as well such as bridges for example.



Then it’s time for the demolition work to begin, and this normally starts with taking off the steel sheets, which clad the outside of the building.

This is often done through use of a rotor grab, fitted to a Hitachi demolition excavator, which can rotate 360° and grab the steel sheets, and place them in a steel recycling bin.

There is time to start cutting the structural steels, normally a shear is used for this, a sheer will cut the steel angle iron, and snip into bits.

Then it’s time to bring in the shear so that it can start cut the RS J beams and cut these into sections, and either place these on to an 8-wheeler lorry, or a large recycling skip.


We can demolish steel buildings anywhere within the United Kingdom

If you need a steel building demolished in the U.K then why not give us a ring? We have the demolition excavators and we have the staff with the expert knowledge to safely demolish any type of steel building.