How much does it cost to demolish a building?

When offering a customer a demolition quote, it’s essential that we consider the following factors when offering a quote. Within this article, we will walk you through the thought process our estimators use when pricing demolition contracts throughout the United Kingdom.

Walk around the demolition site


Walking around the building due to be demolished is essential, we therefore often need to walk both outside and within the building.
The main reason is that the demolition estimator can determine which excavators are needed and roughly how many personnel will be required to demolish the building.

How many excavators will be needed?


When working out a price for that particular demolition contract, the estimator must determine how many excavators will be required. For example, on some demolition contracts, it will be apparent that only one demolition machine will be needed.
However, on another demolition contract, multiple excavators might need to be required to safely demolish the building.


How far the building is located from recycling facilities


If a building is relatively close to a place where the aggregates / waste can be recycled, then the cost of the demolition can be lower.

However, if there multiple tipper lorries needed, that is, the eight-wheeler trucks, and they need to drive some distance before they can arrive at the nearest recycling facility, the cost of the demolition will need to increase.

This is because additional diesel and driver time will be needed to transport all that waste, brick, stone and breeze blocks to the recycling facility.


Which building materials need to be recycled?


Some building materials are much cheaper to recycle than others. For example, if it’s a concrete roof tile, it is much cheaper to recycle that roof tile, than other types of roof tile.

On the other hand, if the roof tile is made of asbestos, a specialist asbestos removal firm will need to come in and remove the asbestos before any demolition work can start.

How long will demolition staff and equipment need to be on-site?


It’s then down to the estimator to work out roughly how long the demolition equipment, such as the excavators and the crushers, will need to be left on site.

If the demolition equipment is needed for a long period of time, then this will increase the cost of the demolition.

Also, the estimator needs to calculate how many staff are required, and how much this will cost in terms of labour costs.

Therefore, if there is a lot of what they call soft stripping, which is removing the plasterboard, timber, and plastics from the building, this will substantially increase the demolition costs.

If the job doesn’t need soft stripping, perhaps it’s already been gutted, or the building is fire-damaged. Therefore, soft stripping the building is not required because the contents of the building may have been burnt, so sometimes, it is cheaper to demolish these types of buildings, as theres less waste.

Steel buildings

It is often cheaper to demolish steel-framed buildings, that’s because steel can be widely recycled.
For example, items such as copper cables, which are nonferrous and ferrous metals, can be recycled very easily.

Large excavators, fitted with a sheer, can cut through the metal and place it into awaiting recycling bins to be easily recycled.

We specialise in demolishing steel buildings, such as large factories, warehouses, and retail buildings.
Often, these commercial buildings need giant excavators; that’s to safely pull the building to the floor. We have large machines capable of demolishing large steel factories, and other types of buildings.

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