How do you ensure that the majority of the waste from your demolition contract is recycled?



When you are demolishing a huge building, such as a hospital, there are quite literally tons of waste are created. This could be plastics, rubble perhaps it could even steel. This all needs to be sorted and then recycled. However, with that said, some demolition companies will recycle more waste than others. So, we thought we would write a comprehensive article, explaining exactly how we recycle as much of the waste as we possibly can.


Do you demolish steel buildings in Wales?

We most certainly do, we have invested in large excavators, which are very powerful and allow us to demolish metal buildings.
Are you also able to demolish residential structures as well?

We most certainly can, whether it is a house, perhaps it’s a block of flats, we can safely demolish the whole building in a short period of time.


Can you write the health and safety method statements and risk assessments?

We most certainly can, in-house we can create certain method statements and risk assessments these can be created in a relatively short period of time then they can be submitted to local councils, such as Cardiff County Council for approval.


A large powerful jaw crusher is

A jaw crusher is simply a very powerful machine, dates are powered by a large diesel engine, which moves open and closes a jaw, The excavator is used to drop rubble, such as bricks, stone, and mortar into what is called the hopper.

Out the other end emerges aggregate, known as hard-core, which is widely used as the base for roads, and also to construct the foundations of the building. Therefore around 100% of the bricks and the stomach can be recycled, what’s even better, is this reduces the number of lorries that are needed to transport the stone off the demolition site, so not only are you recycling the product, but you are also reducing the amount of trucks, that are needed to transport the waste to another recycling yard.


Metal recycling

Again around 100%, of the steel that comes out of a demolition site, can often be completely recycled and made into for example new cars. We have huge, very large excavators, which are fitted with specialist demolition machines, these cut through the metal like a hot knife through butter.

Then once the steel has been cut into smaller sections, it’s time to take it away recycling yard, where it can get completely recycled.
We have a range of huge excavators, these demolish many buildings within the city of Cardiff, yet we also frequently travel to the large Bristol as well. We then completely demolish factories, warehouses, and light industrial units.

We also have other demolition equipment such as 360° rotating grounds, which can pick up the steel from the ground, and it carefully into a skip.



When you are demolishing a house, or perhaps a commercial building, a lot of waste comes from the UP the sea windows and doors.
What’s great about the DC windows and doors is that the frames are wanted, as the company often manufactures back into new doors and windows, therefore using our excavators that have a rotating wrap, in a matter of seconds we can pick out those items, and we can place them into a separate skip, so that they can get recycled as well.


Would you like to hire our Cardiff demolition company?

What’s great about hiring us, is that here, at South Wales Demolition, we have some of the most knowledgeable demolition management,

We have some of the most experienced demolition managers not just here in Wales but working for us, in Britain.

We also have a lot of excavators, so we can demolish any type of building, whether that be a factory, or perhaps it’s a residential house.


Would you like a quote for demolition?

Perhaps you were like a free quote, for an industrial, or perhaps it’s commercial or residential demolition that’s required, we have the machinery we have staff we also have a huge amount of knowledge on how to safely demolish any type of building, so why not give us a call today.