How are steel buildings demolished?

All buildings need to be demolished with great care, especially steel-framed buildings. There’s a good reason for this: There is simply great weight to each section of RSJ, angle iron, and metal support brackets. The smallest of sections, therefore, falling the wrong way can damage surrounding buildings, the excavator driver, or indeed the general public.
Demolishing steel-framed buildings is a task that demands utmost care and precision. It’s not a job for just any equipment. Specialised demolition equipment designed to handle the immense weight of each RSJ, angle iron, and metal support is needed.
How are steel-framed buildings demolished?
Large excavators fitted with metal shears are used to demolish most steel buildings. If the building is very tall, a high-reach excavator must be used to bring the building down safely.
What type of demolition equipment is required?
Demolition excavators, cutting gear, oxygen, propane, and often scissor lifts are used to demolish a building.
Each building will be different, so a unique method statement and risk assessment must be prepared for every demolition contract. Where possible, excavators, that is, demolition excavators, should be used to demolish the building, rather than through manual demolition.
What is a high-reach excavator?
A high-reach excavator is a large machine fitted with an extra-long arm that can be fixed or the arm can sometimes be extended to the top of a building.
High-reach excavators are used to demolish large steel buildings, as the end of the excavator can be fitted with a cutting shear.
This shear will cut through the steel sections.
What is a demolition shear?
A demolition shear is simply a demolition attachment fitted to the end of an excavators arm, It’s then used to cut steel, using hydraulics and the power of the excavators’ pumps to move the hydraulic fluid.
Often, on large demolition sites, where there’s a lot of steel to be cut, so often there’s a larger excavator fitted with a larger shear. Sometimes, part of the excavator’s arm is completely removed to turn that section of the arm into a very large and powerful metal shear.
In scrap metal recycling yards, you will often see excavators with metal shears cutting the steel into smaller sections. This same method is applied on large demolition sites, where huge excavators are used to demolish a factory, and then more powerful metal shears cut the scrap into smaller sections.
What types of steel buildings does your business demolish?
We can demolish redundant metal buildings, such as factories, retail premises, and car showrooms. We can demolish factories and warehouses.
Can you demolish fire-damaged buildings?
Yes, we can certainly demolish fire-damaged steel buildings. We understand the extra care and caution required in such situations, as the metal will be weakened and the building’s fall will be less predictable. However, our experienced team and specialized equipment ensure that the demolition is carried out safely and efficiently, providing you with reassurance about our commitment to safety.
Can you demolish warehouses?
Yes, we can most certainly demolish warehouses of any size. We have the demolition excavators to demolish any steel building.
How do you cut an RSJ?
A metal RSJ can be cut in one of two ways: mechanically via a large demolition excavator or cutting gear.
When it comes to cutting an RSJ, there are two methods at our disposal. The first is mechanical, using a large demolition excavator. The second method involves cutting gear, which consists of propane and oxygen. The intense heat generated by the oxygen is then used to cut through the RSJ beam, ensuring a precise and safe cut.
How much experience as a demolition company do you have of demolishing steel buildings?
With our extensive experience in demolishing many metal factories, car show rooms, and warehouses, we have the expertise and the right demolition equipment to handle any size steel building, giving you the confidence in our capabilities.
Aside from demolition, we also offer factory clearance services. If you need old machinery dismantled and recycled, we can handle that for you, relieving you of the burden of managing multiple tasks.
How can we arrange for a quote to be provided?
If you require a commercial building to be demolished, call us today.
We demolish commercial buildings across South Wales.
If you would like a free quote, then please call us:
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