Do you demolish factories and fire damaged commercial buildings?



Often, a steel building, such as a car showroom made of steel, will need to be dismantled and demolished to make way for a larger building to be built in its place. We have demolished countless steel buildings within Wales, we can cut up each section of the RSG, and take the steel for recycling.


Here’s why so many of valued clients in Wales have hire us to demolish their commercial building:

– We have a highly experienced team of demolition experts
– We have many demolition excavators
– We have experience of demolishing factories
– We can offer site clearance services
– We cover a huge area, from Cardiff, through to Exeter
– We can sometimes offer a quote very quickly


Do you demolish fire damaged buildings?

Sometimes industrial buildings can incur fire damaged, and therefore need a highly experienced demolition company like ours, equipped with the right demolition equipment, to safely demolish the building.

We have also demolished many fire damaged buildings within Bristol as well, as well as also right across South Wales we demolished factories, warehouses, fire damaged light industrial units.
Have you demolished many steel buildings in the past?

Yes, we most certainly have, we demolish redundant factories, car showrooms and also light industrial units.

Some of these commercial buildings have incurred fire damaged right throughout the building, and therefore we were hired as the demolition contractor of choice, because we are so highly experienced that we are able to safely demolish steel building in a short period of time. Then all of the non-ferrous, and the ferrous metals, such as the steel, we can take to a scrap yard, so all the steel can be recycled.


Do you have large demolition excavators?

Sometimes there is very heavy pieces of machinery, made of cast iron, which require extra-large are excavators to lift the heavy sections of steel. We like Hitachi excavators, and we can use a Hitachi excavator to lift the heavy steel for you.


How do you safely demolish a steel building or a fire damaged building?

We have very large Hitachi excavators, and on the end of the excavator will be demolition attachment which is known in the demolition industry as a shear.

It’s the shears job to cut through the steel, as easy as a hot knife through butter.

Therefore, the steel then get cut into small sections, so it’s much easier for another excavator, made by Hitachi also, to come along and safely lift the steel and load each section of steel onto the back of a lorry to take it for recycling.


Metal recycling

The steel then ends up at a metal recycling facility, where is often sold and shipped across the world, and often made into new items such as washing machines or even a new car.

Therefore often when we are demolishing a steel framed building, it’s great to know that sometimes close to 100% of building can actually be demolished and then recycled.


Metal recycling

We can demolish an entire building, yet what we can also do, if the building doesn’t need recycling, is to bring in a smaller excavator into a factory and we can then dismantle any unwanted machinery within the building and take it for recycling.

So for example you might have a huge and very heavy printing press, yet this piece of machinery is redundant and no longer used therefore taking up space within your factory.

We can bring in excavators which can safely dismantle this piece of unwanted machinery, we can place it into recycling skips, the skips are then taken to a local scrap yard.


Fire damaged buildings

Fire damaged buildings, which need to be demolished, require extra level of care and attention when demolishing them with a large excavator.

The reason for this is, steel sheets that are applied to the outside, could be hanging on a thread, therefore the building needs to be demolished slowly and carefully.

Also the heat from the fire, could have warped and damaged the steel RSG’s, therefore sometimes with the slightest of pushes, from a large excavator, and the whole building might come tumbling down.


Steel framed buildings

We actually specialise in demolishing steel framed buildings, we have a team, and excavators which travel right across the South-West of England, so Bristol and Bath areas, as well as across South Wales demolishing many steel buildings. Often these are steel framed buildings, which need to be demolished because the site is being reused by a different company, and often a much larger steel building is being placed on the site.

Demolition Cardiff

If you are looking for a highly experienced demolition contractor, that can demolish everything from brick, stone and steel buildings then look no further than our company.