Demolition Prices & Costs Bristol and Cardiff

Contact Ryan our senior estimator for a discussion on your next demolition contract in Cardiff or Bristol.

We demolish small and large structures in South Wales and the South West

Senior Estimator Ryan | Demolition Contracts Manager Cardiff Bristol:



We here at South Wales demolition Ltd, carry out demolition throughout the main operating areas of Cardiff and also within Bristol.

 We have created this page to make it easier for you to understand what information we need in order to price your next demolition contract.

To send us an enquiry, please visit Demolition Cardiff | Bristol Contact Us Page,

Every demolition project is unique, yet we understand that our clients will seek a professional demolition contractor that can offer them value for money.

Here is our list of most commonly undertaken contracts throughout Bristol and Cardiff we carry out, and the information we will need to price such a structure for you.

Small Demolition Contracts Bristol and Cardiff

Perhaps you have a small demolition contract such as a garage, or a domestic building that you wish to demolish.

We can understand that you might not have the time to collect prices from multiple demolition companies throughout Bristol or Cardiff.

This is why you can send us photos of your structure and we can provide rough estimates to help guide you.

All demolition prices will need to be confirmed in person, yet by contacting us in the first instance we can in most circumstances provide rough estimates to our prospective clients across Bristol, Cardiff and Bath.

Residential | Domestic Demolition Contracts and Pricing in Cardiff and Bristol


If you have a residential structure within Bristol or Cardiff that needs pricing, why not send us a list of what needs demolishing, and an attachment containing your asbestos report, as well as pictures of the structure that needs demolishing.

If you give us as much information as possible regarding the demolition of your house, bungalow or residential structure, we can in most circumstances provide a rough estimates then via email or over the phone.

Commercial Demolition Contracts Bristol & Cardiff


South Wales Demolition Ltd are experts at demolishing factories and steel framed warehousing facilities.

If you have purchased a site within Bristol or Cardiff, that need’s clearing of structures and buildings, why not send us your asbestos report, and the list of the items you wish to be demolished and dismantled.

If you send us as many pictures of the structure that need’s demolishing, this will help guide our estimation process.

We can then send an estimator to site to estimate how much will the commercial structure cost to demolish within Bristol or Cardiff.

Complex and Industrial Demolition Contracts


Complex works such as those of large hospitals, or public sector buildings such as fire stations or other building’s that require programmed works, we can send out a demolition estimator to meet you.


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