Demolition in Cardiff


Here at SWD Limited, we’ve been demolishing industrial, commercial as well as residential structures within the city of Cardiff for a very long period of time. Therefore, if you are looking for an established, a respected, and a highly with experienced demolition company, then why not call South Wales demolition?

Site Clearance / Metal Recycling

Perhaps a building has incurred a lot of fire damage, or perhaps the building is beyond economical repair? Because the building so old, therefore needs to be demolished. If you are looking for a local, established demolition company then why not call us?

Range of demolition excavators

We can bring to your demolition site, a wide range of different excavators, to demolish any type of building or structure. Within the city of Cardiff, we have demolished many Victorian brick-built buildings, steel framed buildings, as well as structures made of thick and dense concrete.

Welcome to South Wales Demolition Ltd

We have been demolishing buildings across the city of Cardiff for a very long period of time

We have highly experienced managers, which have safely demolished a wide range of different buildings, both domestic buildings and industrial buildings within the Cardiff area.

For example, whether it’s a building made using Victorian bricks, or perhaps it’s a much more modern building, such as a steel light industrial unit made of galvanised metal sheets and thick steel RSJ’s.

We have the Hitachi excavators, we have the demolition staff, we have the level of knowledge to safely dismantle any type of building.

Demolition Excavators

We have a range of demolition excavators ranging from 10 ton up to 30-ton Hitachi powerful excavators. These can be fitted with rotor grabs, hydraulic hammers, and steel shears, to safely demolish any building within the city of Cardiff.

If you therefore need a local demolition contractor then look no further than our business.

Demolition in Cardiff

Every single year a wide range of buildings get demolished in the city of Cardiff. As Cardiff is an expanding city, then more housing needs to be built and more commercial buildings, so we are the demolition contractors which get called to demolish redundant and dilapidated structures which need to be demolished.

Quite often these buildings that need to be demolished are unsafe, with weak wooden floors or perhaps a roof is even partially fallen in?

Therefore, what you most definitely need is a demolition contractor within Cardiff, which has a huge amount of experience demolishing steel, brick and concrete buildings.

This is often why we are called in to do the demolition work all over Wales, because we have site managers which now have well in excess of 40 plus years experience within the demolition industry.

Whether it’s a fire damaged factory in middle of Swansea, or an old Victorian house Cardiff which needs demolishing, why not call us?

  • Safe

    Above all else we make sure that our buildings are demolished safely

  • Excavators

    We have a range of brilliant Hitachi and JCB excavators able to demolish any type of building

  • Metal Recycling

    With a steel frame building, sometimes you are able to do recycle 100% of the building

  • Quality service

    We aim to get a quote to you as quick as possible

Do you need a building demolished anywhere within Cardiff?

Perhaps it’s emergency demolition, because the building has been ravaged by fire, and the heat has made the steel building structurally unsafe, and now the whole building now needs demolished very quickly by our team of demolition experts.

Alternatively it might be a large Victorian detached house, that simply the owner doesn’t want any more,  because its so run down, and in its place the owners might want to build a much more modern, better insulated, and all-around a better quality house in its place.

We are the demolition contractors in the city of Cardiff to contact when you need anything from a factory through to an house demolished. You might have already seen as working Cardiff because we have already demolished so many buildings. So if you want an experienced company why not call us?

Demolition contractors Cardiff, call us for a quote

If you would like a building demolished in Cardiff then why not call our company today?