March - 16 - 2011

Less Expenditure & Better for the Environment! South Wales Demolition Ltd shows the way forward.

South Wales Demolition Ltd has consistently invested in crushing technology. We now combine a service that offers low cost demolition in Cardiff and the surrounding areas that also minimises our impact on the environment.

Stone and brick materials from demolition sites can now be processed on site. Stone and Brick can be crushed to leave a quality building material on site for future development within the foundations. This option open to all customers will reduce your demolition bill and also aid the environment. By processing materials on site and thus preventing large scale haulage, the environment is less impacted and carbon footprint dramatically reduced. Residential disturbance through Lorries is also minimised.

The stone & Bricks being processed can be reduced to a specified size and can be used in all manner of construction projects. The end product is highly useable and has turned a waste product into a commodity onsite. If you believe this option may save you money, get in touch today with our senior Estimator Ryan Christopher.

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