April - 18 - 2011

Demolition Contractors in Cardiff & Bristol (Demolition Company)

South Wales Demolition Ltd has been serving Wales, and the South West with a reliable demolition service since 1978.

We take on any scale project, from a garden wall to mass urban regeneration projects.

No matter the scale of your demolition project, we conduct our operations in the same way and you can be sure on South Wales Demolition Ltd, delivering your site, on time and as agreed.

That’s why we can say on average we can demolish a residential property for £3,700.and steel structures for free. That’s what makes South Wales Demolition Ltd, competitive and safe choice since 1978.

We provide the following demolition services in Cardiff

  • Low Cost Residential Demolition & Dismantling
  • Controlled demolition of all types of structures
  • Commercial Demolition, powerful machinery and experienced site managers. We have tackled hundreds of commercial projects. We make buildings disappear at a cost that will keep you coming back. Please ask about our valued client base and how repeat business has nurtured our success story from our inception in 1978.
  • Site Clearance
  • Making safe of dangerous structures, with a rapid response team, available any time.
  • Crushing
  • Specialist dismantling projects
  • Reclamation service
  • Consultancy, offered through our experienced demolition partners
  • Free quotations


Please get in touch with our senior estimator on Ryan@southwalesdemolition.co.uk

Or 07866043059

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