May - 10 - 2011

Demolition & Dismantling Service in London, Demolition Contractors serving London :South Wales Demolition Ltd

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South Wales Demolition Ltd has over 30 years of experience in the demolition industry.


South Wales Demolition Ltd tackle any form of structure, no matter the size or scale, we have the equipment and industry knowledge to complete your project within budget and on time.

Our demolition & dismantling operations are so efficient that we can offer a strong value for money proposition to our clients. We can demolish an average sized residential property for £3,700, and we have modern steel processing equipment, allowing us to offer a free steel demolition service on certain structures.

South Wales Demolition Ltd has a strong, professional reputation within the demolition industry. This is received through demonstrating over 30 years of carefully executed demolition projects in Cardiff, South Wales, and the South West.

SWD LTD, was the principle demolition contractor for the Cardiff Bay Redevelopment Programme. The company through its demolition expertise changed the area beyond recognition, aiding the regeneration programme.

Within South Wales, & the South West, SWD Ltd, has demolished countless structures. From garden sheds to tower blocks, we will deliver, to the highest standard, quickly, and with unique levels of proficiency.

Since the company started we had the ambition of minimising our impacts on environment while at the same time saving money for our clients. That is why when SWD Ltd provides quotations for works we can recommend a multitude of methods to aid the environment and also our clients budgets.

For example we offer a mobile crushing facility, we can crush aggregates on any demolition site, leaving a valuable construction material for use in the new buildings foundations. This will dramatically cut the cost of demolition. It will also aid the environment as stone waste will not need to be transported off site minimising the Carbon footprint for that particular site.

We offer the following demolition & Dismantling Services.

  • Demolition, from garden walls to high reach tower blocks
  • Site Clearance, Industrial and commercial
  • Free steel demolition service on certain structures.
  • Making safe of dangerous structures, fire damaged or to facilitate a controlled collapse.
  • Concrete Crushing
  • Internal gutting and stripping out of premises
  • Reclamation Service, Reclaimed Bricks, Reclaimed Stone, Reclaimed Wood.

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