November - 13 - 2012

Demolition Contractors in Cardiff and South Wales.

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Demolition a costly business ? we allow our customers to take a different approach in Cardiff to there demolition,, without sacrificing on health and safety and quality of workmanship. We simply offer a demolition operation that is efficient and run by a Director who has over 30 years in the business. So we would argue demolition does not have to be a costly business, run by the right management who slim down year on year overheads, then you are looking at obtaining cost savings that are our main competitive advantage.


Talk to Ryan, years of knowledge in the industry, trained estimator and can travel to any contract at short notice. Contact Ryan today. 07866043059



You have reached the home of South Wales Demolition Ltd, a demolition contractor in Cardiff with over 30 years experience and knowledge in all forms of demolition.


Within Cardiff and Swansea we have a Estimator, who is available at any time to cost demolition contracts. Ryan can be reached on 07866043059 or


South Wales Demolition, would state their main selling points are




They have years of experience and have dismantled and demolished everything ranging from a small garage to large buildings in Cardiff such as factories and large warehouse type constructions.

2)      The company has the ability to demolish anything ranging in value from £100 pound to 10 million and over.

3)       . Demolition work can range from a single house right upto large site clearance contracts involving many machines and many skilled site operatives,



House Demolition in Cardiff, Swansea and The Vale Of Glamorgan


We South Wales Demolition for over the  years have offered domestic house and bungalow demolition services in Cardiff. We have demolished residential buildings ranging from taking down party walls, to demolishing whole streets. We can demolish anything in Cardiff and offer some of the best rates on offer in Wales for house Demolition. Talk to Ryan on 07866043059 if we can arrange a meeting to discuss your next demolition contract being undertaken in South Wales.


Site Clearance Contractors in Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys


We undertake site clearance and factory demolition in Cardiff. We have a director who has demolished many factory buildings across the landscape of Wales, we have been behind some large steel factory building site clearance projects. As a result of the massive demand for our demolition services.

We offer our site clearance services and factory demolition services in the following areas..


Factory Demolition contractors, and demolition companies in Rhondda Cynon Taf.


We will undertake demolition and dismantling in Taffs Well, Rhondda Cynon Taf or anywhere the South Wales Valleys. We undertake demolition work in Aberdare and we will consider any size contract. No matter its value we will offer the best rates and customer service.


Demolition Contractors and dismantling experts in Merthyr Tydfil


For many years now we have undertaken demolition work in Merthyr Tydfil, these contracts range in size and complexity but we offer the best service around.


Swansea Demolition Contractors and Companies

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